Prevent Dangerous Tip-Overs. Wall Mount.

Did you know that unsecured TVs and large furniture kill a child every two weeks?! Good Morning America shares some startling statistics.

10 Cool Ways to Hang that Flat Screen + HIDEit

These wall mounts from HIDEIt put your bulky devices directly on the wall right behind the TV, which means less clutter and mess." Visit Yahoo Makers for all 10 tips!

Entertaining this weekend? Host-Friendly Gadget Guide for the Home

Entertaining can be stressful! With some simple new tech gadgets for the home you'll be an expert host in no time...and even wow some guests!

Scholastic Tech Tools Blog Features HIDEit MiniU

Visit the Scholastic Tech Tools Blog to see their writeup about our MiniU!

Alicia installed her HIDEit Mount while PREGNANT!

"7 months pregnant and was able to do this!" Hidden Cable Box and Cords courtesy of Alicia

Olivier from Canada - #afterHIDEitMounts

Olivier envisioned a TV and gaming space that had flair. One that would be sure to impress. But, there was a kink in his plan...

New HIDEit Mount for Small Components

Small components are all the rage, didn't you know? The devices seem to be getting smaller but only a few are small enough to conceal and attach with velcro or zip we made a...

Now that you wall mounted your TV, how do you HIDE the Cable Box?

You finally did it, you hired a TV Installation Pro or used your DIY skills and wall mounted your TV.  Feels better, doesn’t it?  Sleek and clean…oh wait, you still have your cords, cable box...

Which TV Mount Should You Buy?

At HIDEit Mounts, we don’t make or sell TV Wall Mounts…at least not right now.  However, we are often asked which TV Mounts work best with our Component Wall Mounts. There are a few types...