Prevent Dangerous Tip-Overs. Wall Mount.

By now, you've heard how dangerous tall furniture can be for children. Did you know that unsecured TVs and large furniture kill a child every two weeks?! These accidents can be prevented!

Good Morning America featured some startling statistics from U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission this morning as well as video demonstrations of tip-overs.

If you have kids, it's time to wall mount that TV. Protect your children from a potentially lethal accident. In addition to wall mounting your TV, which the report suggests how-to tips to make these accidents "100% preventable", HIDEit Mounts provides safe and modern solutions to your next question: Where do I store all of the electronics connected to my TV? We have easy-to-install, affordable and aesthetically pleasing solutions to securely mount all those components connected to your TV, BEHIND your flat screen creating a SAFE and sleek TV area.