Olivier from Canada - #afterHIDEitMounts

We love sharing #afterHIDEitMounts images from our customers. This dazzling setup definitely belongs on Pinterest and Houzz! Olivier's home theater setup is modern, colorful, clean, it looks professional AND it is budget-friendly! You can get this look, too!

All the way from Quebec, Olivier shared the story behind his enviable TV setup.

Olivier envisioned a TV and gaming space that had flair. One that would be sure to impress. He knew that he had to deal with the cords for his components, so he planned to use them as art and create a gaming setup design much like Palle Olsen had with his Classic PS3 (photo credit: Lifehacker).

So, he purchased glossy red shelves from Ikea for under $80 CAD. The bold red adds excitement to the room and is a nice contrast the the pale blue. But, there was a kink in his plan...the shelves were not large enough to hold his components! The shelves were a crucial part of the design. He couldn't part with them (we don't blame him). 

Olivier took to the internet to find a solution. Once he found HIDEit Mounts, he devised his new and improved plan. Instead of using the cords as art, he could now easily hide the cords and avoid the sticky mess (and future damage) of super glue! He quickly ordered the HIDEit 4 - PS4 Wall Mount and the HIDEit Uni-L - Adjustable Cable Box Wall Mount. His device wall mounts arrived from the US to Canada in just over a week.

After spending 15 minutes to install both mounts, Olivier's living room was finally complete. His PlayStation and DVR box are neatly wall mounted. The cords are hidden. The cable box is hidden. The PS4 is partially hidden but you can still see the stunning PS4 shape which adds even more interest to the overall design of Olivier's gaming setup.

Well done, Olivier! We LOVE this setup. Who wouldn't love it?! Inspiring, right? Now go design your own gorgeous TV wall and share it with us!

Images Courtesy of Olivier

"Your products are awesome! I already know that I will buy from you when I have another TV in my apartment. It's an inexpensive and uncomplicated way of hiding things behind the TV." - Olivier, Canada

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