THE INSIDE STORY: HIDEit Sonos Amp Wall Mount

THE INSIDE STORY: HIDEit Sonos Amp Wall Mount

The new Sonos Amp is a hot commodity and so is the HIDEit S-Amp Mount! Here's a peek at our design process and why this mount’s unique features are a trusted solution for installers.


In 2017, we met the Sonos team at CEDIA Expo and they were thoroughly impressed with our Sonos Connect Amp Mount. Our Dealers had also been raving about our C-Amp Mount for years. So, when a new Sonos Amp model was released in 2018, we were excited once again to create a truly unique product, HIDEit Mounts style!

The first step was to get our hands on the new device. We talked with our new friends at Sonos, along with a few of our Dealers, which led to Sonos happily sending us a pre-market sample! As soon as it arrived, our research and development team got into action to create the ultimate solution. 

HIDEit C-Amp Wall Mount for Sonos Connect AmpHIDEit Connect Amp Wall Mount



Proper function and aesthetics is our number one concern, always. We also needed to keep the new Sonos Amp Mount affordable. Our team worked hard to find creative ways to leverage the design of the device by looking for opportunities to manage material waste and ship weight. After thorough R&D and several prototypes, we finally NAILEDit!

The HIDEit Sonos Amp Mount is sleek and secure. Below is an inside look at our process - trust us when we say every HIDEit mount is meticulously designed!




Could it be the snug fit? Proper ventilation? Or 360 degree cord routing? How about all those features and more! The HIDEit S-Amp Mount can be mounted to a wall, under a shelf, or in a cabinet. Plus, our unique slide in screw feature keeps the Sonos Amp secure and aligned. 

• Custom offset design allows for maximum airflow.
• Easy access to jacks and cables.
• Route cords in any direction!
• Won't block IR sensor.
• Made from heavy-gauge steel for durability.
• Installs in three easy steps. No templates needed.

COMPATIBLE WITH: 2018 Sonos Amp (2.52" x 8.54" x 8.54")




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