Not sure what to do with your cable box, devices and cord clutter? You're not alone! Jeremie and Amber had the same problem...and they SOLVEDit with a little help from HIDEit. They said 'goodbye' to their mess of cords and devices and now their living room is ready to party. Here's the story of how they transformed their TV area! 
    Living room with wall mounted TV, table with devices and messy cable clutter on floor
    Living room with clean setup with devices hidden behind wall mounted TV



    “When you first think of hanging your TV, you envision the ultimate goal - no clutter, no wires.” Like most, Jeremie and Amber have spent a fair amount of time on weekend DIY projects making their home a sanctuary.  In addition to new flooring, and a renovated kitchen, the couple wanted to transform their entertainment center. Wall mounting their TV was a no-brainer. They love watching sports and hosting watch parties, so the TV is often the center of attention. 


    Not only do Jeremie and Amber love hosting parties, they are also parents of young kids and dogs. The device and cord clutter was not only an eye sore, it was also a safety hazard! "It's the first thing you see when you enter the house. We needed a simple yet affordable way to organize our devices and cord clutter." 

    Close up of table with devices and messy cords on floor



    Jeremie and Amber had already mounted their TV, so the next step was to plan! They measured the space behind the TV along with all of the devices they wanted to hide. “We started by planning out where the devices would fit around the TV mount. I even mocked up the entire setup twice before installation.” 

    Not wanting any visible cords, they opted to relocate a power outlet and coax outlet behind the TV. Jeremie quickly found online info on how to relocate the power outlet and with a few supplies and about an hour, he had a power outlet and cable wall plate behind the TV. No more cords!

    TV wall mount on wall without TV, power outlet box and cables
    TV wall mount on wall without TV, man drilling hole to move power outlet


    Last was the easy part - mounting the cable box, internet modem, WiFi router and Samsung One Connect box. With a few HIDEit Adjustable Mounts, they were able to hide the TV cords and all devices behind the TV! 


    AT&T U-verse Wireless Router /// Mounted in: HIDEit Uni-S

    AT&T U-verse Internet Modem /// Mounted in: HIDEit Uni-S

    Samsung One Connect /// Mounted in: HIDEit Uni-XS

    AT&T U-verse /// Mounted in: HIDEit Uni-M

    TV wall mount, with cable box, router, modem, and Sonos One Connect shown in HIDEit Mounts
    TV wall mount with cable box, router, modem, Sonos One Connect shown with wires cables connected to power



    "We used HIDEit for the main living room and we would like to install more mounts in each setup throughout our home!" 

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