Media Cabinet vs. Wall Mount: The Dollars & Sense

August 07, 2016 3 min read

Let's set the scene: you've just purchased a new TV and you've decided your TV setup needs a little redesign. You've already made the choice to wall mount your TV and now you're thinking about a media cabinet. Well, think again!

We decided to do a little online window shopping and look at the price difference between wall mounting your devices or purchasing a media cabinet.

TV Mounts 

We tend to think a fully articulating mount is worth the little bit extra that you might spend on it to get increased range of motion, and in the case that you're looking to mount your cable box or game consoles as well, it provides you with that little bit of extra room you need to HIDE everything behind the TV. 

Sanus Tilt Mount on white backgroundMidRange:
This low profile Tilt mount will do the trick and you might be able to even wall mount some of the more slender devices behind the TV even with it flush to the wall. At $69.99 it's not the least expensive option, but it is high quality and when mounting your very expensive TV you're better to be on the safe side. 

Sanus Full Articulating mount on white background

High End: For $88 the Sanus VuePoint Wall Mount is a good option. Sanus is a very trusted name in TV wall mounts and although it is towards the expensive side, you know what you're paying for, and what you're getting, and that's quality. 


Vivo TV Wall Mount Side Angle

Low:We found thisVivo wall mount for a 40" to 55" TV.This wall mount is $60; actually less expensive than the tilt mount. Still, it is not the cheapest option available. Knowing you're going to be putting up your very expensive TV on a wall, even a $20 price difference isn't worth the risk. 


Media Cabinets

While you're hoping or praying that your media center comes fully assembled, don't forget that media consoles can weigh over 150lbs. We have a variety of different price ranges and quality options here: 

Salamander media cabinet

High End: We decided to start off our media cabinet shopping with something on the upper end of what's available. This Salamander Synergy 236 Cabinet comes in at $1,349. Just to show you what a media center is capable of setting you back for.


Dakota Media Cabinet

Mid Range: Dropping down to a mid priced cabinet, we looked at this $640 Dakota Media Console. The closed windows are a little bit worrying on models like this due to the heat that many cable boxes put out which is worth mentioning. 


simpli home media cabinet

Low:  Finally, we looked at a Simpli Home Media Cabinet. Retail price $599.00, but being conscious online shoppers, we found it for 53% off, making it only $280.50 for us! Definitely not going with the cheapest cabinet we can find, but by no means going into the luxury range. That's all we really need here. Media cabinet shopping done! 

Wall Mounting The Device

Instead of the media cabinet, let's look at just wall mounting the devices behind our TV. For this hypothetical we have an Apple TV 4 and a Comcast cable box.

Apple TV in HIDEit mount


One of the nice things about the Apple TV is the remote cleverly uses Radio Frequency technology. This means absolutely no line of sight is required for us to HIDEit behind the TV. We picked it up on the HIDEit mounts web shop here for $24.99


Next we are mounting our Xfinity cable box. We measured the box H x L x D and plugged the numbers into the HIDEit mount finder, to find out that the Uni-Mwas the perfect fit! The Uni-M comes in at $59.99. To make sure the remote would still work we held the box up behind the mounted TV and found that by placing the sensor slightly to the edge of the TV the remote worked fine. The science behind why it works here. 


High Media Cabinet Setup:

  • Salamander Synergy Cabinet: $1,349
  • Sanus Vuepoint Wall Mount: $88
  • Total: $1,437

Low Media Cabinet Setup:

  • Simpli Home Media Cabinet: $280.5
  • Vivo TV Mount $60
  • Total: $340

Wall Mounting Setup with HIDEit Mounts:

  • Vivo TV Mount: $60 
  • HIDEit Uni-M mount: $59.99 
  • HIDEit ATV4 Applet TV Mount: $24.99 
  • Total $145

We've done the math: if HIDEit can save you buying a media cabinet; it's a no brainer. A media setup using HIDEit mounts is less expensive, significantly easier than assembling a cabinet, saves space, and gives you the nice clean look your TV deserves.