How To Make The Most of the TV Setup in Your RV

Who doesn’t like to get away from it all in their RV to enjoy nature and the Great Outdoors? What happens when Mother Nature makes it rain?! Make sure your RV TV Setup is prepared! 

Wall mount your TV with a full motion mount

Full motion tv wall mount in rv with HIDEit Cable box wall mount behindOne of the best upgrades you can make to your RV is to install a fully articulating TV wall mount. If you have a newer RV, chances are that it’s already pre-blocked for a TV to be wall mounted. Full articulating mounts are really great to give a better range of motion for improved viewing, and they have another storage benefit that we’ll address shortly.

A few thing to consider when installing:

  • Choose a mount with a small wall footprint for better location flexibility 
  • Depending on the weight of your TV you may need to mount into a stud
  • Use a small piece of wood to add stability to the mounting location

Pick the right digital media device

Here are a couple of the best options available for on the go TV entertainment. 

Apple TV 4:

The ATV4 is a really great option, if you have Wi-Fi you can stream all of your favorite shows and movies with ease. The thing that makes it great for RVs is when you don't have Wi-Fi. With Apple Airplay you can play any movie, show, or video you have saved on your iphone or ipad. 

If you have a Tivo Bolt™ you can even use an available app to stream pre-recorded shows with no internet connection through your apple TV. Read more here


The PlayStation is more than just a gaming system. It also serves as a very affordable option for a complete multimedia center to use all of your favorite streaming apps such as Netflix & Hulu; while also working as a Blu-ray player. In addition, the PS3/PS4 is one of the few Blu-ray players that can actually play in the vertical orientation, which is great if you're trying to save space.


A lot of parks will have Wi-Fi available, but then you find you're too far away to be able to use it! Well there's actually a pretty easy solution to this problem. Purchase a Wi-Fi reception booster, or a Wi-Fi external antenna to get improve your Wi-Fi. In these type of locations, by far one of the best purchases; especially if you're a streamer on the go. 

HIDEit: save space, and safely store your devices

Now what do you do with your entertainment system of choice?

In an RV storage options are very limited. An easy solution is to wall mount the game console, digital media player, or other device behind or under the TV. By using a full articulating TV wall mount you can utilize the small amount of unused space between the TV and the wall by simply wall mounting the device too! 


The HIDEit ATV4 Mount is perfect for mounting your Apple TV 4, but we have mounts for all kinds digital media devices! The one thing to keep in mind is that the drywall screws we provide may be too large for the walls in an RV, so play it smart and figure out what the best screw length is for your RV's walls. 

The HIDEit Uni-M Mount + Theft deterrent Add-on is perfect for wall mounting your PS3 or PS4. The theft deterrent add-on keeps the mount from sliding in any direction so it's perfect for the road!  


Next time you're stuck inside your RV due to an unexpected rainstorm make the most of your TV setup without taking up extra room in an already small space.