HIDEit Spring Cleaning Hacks

HIDEit Spring Cleaning Hacks

It’s spring cleaning time! And with all the spring cleaning tips available, we want to take your cleaning efforts a step further - HIDEit style - to ensure your home is more than dirt clean. We have some easy organizational tips to help you declutter your home and refresh your entertainment areas.

Let’s get started!


One of the biggest parts of spring cleaning is getting rid of clutter that you don’t need. But what about the clutter of too many devices sitting on top of a media cabinet or shelf? You can’t simply throw them away. Solution? Utilize the space behind your TV to wall mount or VESA mount your devices. When devices are safely mounted, wires can be wrapped and tucked behind the TV and eliminated from line of sight creating a sleek home media setup everyone will love!

Plus, mounting your devices also positively impacts the family. It reduces potential accidents from kids or spills, and also keeps your pets safe by removing cables they might have otherwise chewed.



Cord wraps are a quick solution to keep those pesky cords wrapped up and hidden. We prefer the reusable hook and loop straps versus using zip ties which have the potential to damage cables if zipped too tightly.

HIDEit Cord Wraps make cords easy to HIDE behind the TV.


Gaming setups have become a big part of our home entertainment areas. With many gamers preferring to have more than one console and multiple controllers, gaming setups can quickly grow to take up a lot of space. Solution? Leverage unused wall space and DISPLAYit! You can safely wall mount each device next to the TV for a setup that is truly unique to your gaming style.



HIDEit LED Strip Lights are easy to install.

Want to take your newly organized setup to the next level? Add LED lights for the ultimate gaming experience. HIDEit LED Strip Lights or custom gaming lights from Paladone are the perfect editions to illuminate your space and create distinctive moods.


If you’re an athlete, sports enthusiast or have kids involved in sports, chances are you have a lot of sports gear that needs proper storage and organization. And springtime brings us the exciting challenge of finding storage solutions for baseball gear! More often than not, baseball equipment lives propped up in the corner of the closet or spread out in various places in the garage, making it challenging to find the items you need. Solution? Get it off the floor and onto the wall. By now I think you see the pattern! Utilize garage or indoor wall space and mount baseball bats and helmets for easy grab n’ go access.


HIDEit SPRING CLEANING HACK: Horizontal Baseball Bat Mount


HIDEit Horizontal Baseball Bat Mount wall mounts your favorite bat

Even baseball bat collections could use a little spring cleaning. Dust off your memorabilia and proudly DISPLAYit on the wall! The HIDEit Horizontal Bat Mount is a sleek storage solution that completes the baseball decor in your office or bedroom by making your favorite bat the center of attention.

We hope these spring cleaning tips and HIDEit HACKS have given you some inspiration for decluttering your home!

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Happy organizing from HIDEit!