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This Father-Son duo caught our attention when they submitted photos of their impressive gaming collection to our #afterHIDEit monthly photo contest. We knew these amazing dual setups (complete with multiple limited edition consoles and controllers!) had a story and we were excited to learn more.

“I'd say I was around 4 years old when I first got my NES, since then gaming has always been second nature to me. There was no better feeling than beating a level or the entire game itself. But now it's about playing the game with my son, whether we're playing competitively or co-op.”

Larry's Setup Before HIDEit
Larry's Setup #afterHIDEit



Like many gamers, Larry was tired of seeing his game consoles just sitting under the TV! He needed a better way to organize his collection, display his custom consoles and create more space on his desk for an uncluttered gaming experience. He came across HIDEit Mounts while browsing on Amazon and never looked back.

His son’s setup needed the same help. The mess of cords hanging below the TV were distracting and his own special edition console needed to be displayed. Using HIDEit Gaming Mounts the cords were virtually eliminated from line of sight (now wrapped and tucked behind the TV) and each device had a proper place. Time to show off this amazing transformation!

Son's Setup Before HIDEit
Son's Setup #afterHIDEit



Larry leveled up his setup by mounting his limited edition Xbox consoles and controllers on each side of his displays. “My favorite part is overall just how clean everything looks up on the wall,” says Larry. “They give me a way to safely display my prized possessions.”

HIDEit had the solutions he needed for his Xbox and PS4 consoles, Nintendo Switch dock and game controllers, which allowed him to wall mount each device and leverage unused wall space versus taking up valuable desk space.



Xbox One S /// Mounted in: HIDEit X1S

Xbox One X /// Mounted in: HIDEit X1X

PlayStation PS4 Slim /// Mounted in: HIDEit 4S

Nintendo Switch Dock /// Mounted in: HIDEit Switch

Nintendo Switch Lite /// Mounted in: HIDEit Uni-C

Nintendo Wii U Gamepad /// Mounted in: HIDEit Uni-C

Controllers /// Mounted in: HIDEit Uni-C



Every gamer's setup progresses and changes over time.

“I started out with a Xbox system, a laptop, a tv and a webcam. Now I'm using any of 5 systems, 2 TVs, 2 laptops, a webcam, a halo light and a Razer Mic. So, I'd say there's been a pretty significant change.”

You can also catch this gamer dad streaming on Mixer at TripleD_BumBleB.

For those of you who are just starting to compile your gaming setup, Larry offers this advice, “Have patience. It's taken me a few years to accumulate what I have so far, and I'm still looking to add.”

And what would this Father-Son duo like to add to their already impressive collection? The 500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro would be nice!


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