HIDEit Holiday Gift Guide 2023

HIDEit Holiday Gift Guide 2023
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'Tis the season for holiday cheer, and HIDEit Mounts is your go-to source for the ultimate gifts for gamers, sports enthusiasts, and tech aficionados.

Our team and a few HIDEit Reps have handpicked some fantastic suggestions, ensuring you're in for a jolly gift-giving season. So, hop aboard our sleigh as we navigate the gift-giving wonderland and make this holiday unforgettable!



Nanoleaf Smart Lights | $199 - $219

Turn any space into a vibrant wonderland with Nanoleaf lights! Choose from Hexagons, Lines, Triangles, and Ultra Black Triangles to gift the perfect light show. These smart lights are packed with multiple features including: Rhythm Music Visualizer, Screen Mirror, and more.

PlayStation 5 Slim | $499 (TBA) 

HIDEit Rep Pick: Dennis (@dadrianca

"The PS5 Slim has to be on a lot of people's gift guides this year!" - Dennis. 

Recently announced by Sony, the PS5 Slim is a newer and smaller version of the PS5 released in 2020 that everyone wanted to get their hands on. The original one sold out as fast as it appeared, so this one just might. It definitely would be a really cool Christmas gift. 

LEGO Pac-Man Arcade | $269.99    

It's not a functional arcade machine, but it simulates how this classic game works! It's the perfect LEGO set to add in a gamer's room. Plus, they get to enjoy building it and feel accomplished once it's completed.

Valve Steam Deck | From $399 

HIDEit Rep Pick: Liam (@g4m1ngbe4ver


"The Steam Deck has been amazing for gaming on the go, or just casual gaming on the couch when I don't feel like being stuck on my PC. It's just great being able to take my games and steam library whenever I want. Highly recommend!" - Liam.

Meta Quest 3 | $499.99

HIDEit Rep Pick: Cesar (@the_omikron


Do they love virtual reality? Gift them the newest Meta Quest 3. It's like giving the magic of virtual worlds in one sleek package! It's fun, immersive, and the perfect way to unwrap excitement this holiday season. 

Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller | $179

HIDEit Rep Pick: Liam (@g4m1ngbe4ver


"In my opinion the best controller for competitive gaming. Would never change controller now. The adjustable triggers and thumbsticks is a game changer and has made my aim in fps games noticeably better." - Liam


Deskr Deskpads | $35.00

Everyone loves to continuously elevate their desk setups, especially gamers, and Deskr has a huge selection of deskpads for everyone's aesthetic. If you can't find a design to gift, no worries make it personalized and create a custom deskpad with Deskr!

Cozy Gaming Socks | $6 - $20

HIDEit Rep Pick: Gueneviëre (@agirlwithaconsole_) 


"Well first of all, I'm a huge fan of socks, so I'd say cozy gaming socks!" - Gueneviëre 

She's right though, who doesn't like cozy gaming socks, especially this winter season! There's a lot of options to choose from, make it gaming theme or the simple fuzzy socks. 

Xbox Mini Fridge | $48.99

Here's a funny one. If you like taking a silly approach when gifting, this one will sure bring some laughter, or a punch in the face when your gamer realizes out it's not a real Xbox Series X but a mini fridge! Don't worry, they'll still end up liking it... hopefully.

Games | $60-70

HIDEit Rep Pick: Cesar (@the_omikron_) *

This might be the easiest choice when deciding what gifts to get for gamers. But you can never go wrong with gifting them games! Just make sure they don't already have it! Here's a few ideas: 

HIDEit Gaming Mounts | $10 - $40 

HIDEIit Rep Pick: Gueneviëre (@agirlwithaconsole_

You can never go wrong when gifting a gamer some HIDEit Mounts! Even our Reps agree! Whether they have a PlayStation, an Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC or handheld consoles like the Steam Deck, we have that covered. Gamers love to showoff their latest gear, and our gaming mounts definitely does that while keeping them safe + organized. 



Wilson "The Duke" NFL Football | $149.95

Every football fan will surely need this in their setup. Tackle the perfect gift with "The Duke" NFL Football. It's a game-changer for football fans, bringing the spirit of the season.

ESPN+ Gift Annual Subscription | $109.99

If you're shopping for someone that's hard to find gifts for, this one's for you! Level up your sports fans' sports game with an ESPN+ Annual Subscription. It's like a year-round all-access pass to the coolest live games, exclusive content, and epic sports action. Game on!

Custom Jersey | $149.99+

Put their last name on their favorite team's jersey, I bet they'd love it, who wouldn't?! NFL, MLB, NBA? Make them feel like a part of the team, a custom jersey will definitely help them show their love for the team. Easy and thoughtful.

Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski Gloves | $160

'Tis the season for winter sports! Gift this to a ski lover before they hit the slopes. They're like a cozy hug for the hands, keeping them snug and stylish while enjoying their favorite winter sport.

Barrington 40" Dartboard Cabinet Set | $129

Sports bars, man caves, there's one item that's a must. A dart board! If your sports fan is looking to elevate their space, this premium dartboard will provide just that.


MLB Stadium Blueprints | $85

Guaranteed if you get them their favorite team's stadium blueprint, they'd love it! Hit home run with gifting, this unique and detailed blueprint captures all the ballpark magic. It's also a fun way to celebrate their love and passion of their favorite sport.

Hockey Pucks Chillers | $27.95

Winter sure is Christmas season, but so is hockey! These pucks aren't like the others, because these can keep whiskey, and non-alcoholic drinks as cool as the rink without watering it down. Now they can make watching games extra fun!

Hockey Stick BBQ Set | $64

Kickbacks and sports watch parties, barbecue is the go to food! If they are specially watching hockey, this one will be the perfect gift. These essential tools are made from repurposed hockey sticks, how cool is that! 

MLB Ballpark Traveler's Map | $40

Baseball park map

Shopping for the biggest baseball fan you know? This one might be the way to go. If they are a big MLB fan, they for sure have a goal of visiting all the ballparks across the states! This one even comes with stickers so they can keep track of their progress. It will definitely motivate them to go on an MLB trip.



Moleskine Smart Notebook Set | $278

Imagine you write something on a piece of paper, and it can transfer all your notes into digital files while you write. Sounds like wizardry but this one does just that! A perfect gift for the tech savvies. 

Oura Ring Gen 3 | $299

If they're over the smart watches, try this one. This smart ring tracks sleep cycles, heart rates, and many more very accurately! It's a health genius that gives you smart advice, with a discreet design.

Insta260 X3 Action Camera | $449.99

Capture every moment at every angle. This little wonder captures moments in every direction, and every tech savvy person will sure love this as a gift! Watch them spin with delight as they capture more memories, including the holidays and many more to come.

Apple TV 4K | $129+

If they're an Apple lover, they are sure to love this one! Not only can they experience 4K HDR streaming, immersive gaming, but it's also a seamless integration with their other Apple devices.

Audio-Techica - Stereo Turntable | $149.99

HIDEit Rep Pick: Gueneviëre (@agirlwithaconsole_)

"I recently got a record player for my birthday and I can definitely recommend one of those for some chill vibes while gaming, listening to your favorite soundtracks." -Gueneviëre 


Polaroid Hi-Print | $84+

This one's for the photographers, or anyone who loves capturing moments. Give them a gift that keeps giving, they can print the special moments to look back to. After all, a picture speaks a thousand words.

Monitor/TV Wall Mount | $60

HIDEit Rep Pick: Kathy (@mermaid_skillz

Gamer or techie, if they want to elevate their setup get them a monitor/TV wall mount, it's the perfect HIDEit Mounts partner! Its simple and versatile design allows monitors and TVs to be wall mounted just about anywhere.   

Apple Air Tag | $29

No more misplacing and losing stuff! If they're someone who always misplaces their things, this very handy gift to easily locate and keep track of their stuff through the Find My app. Spread the gift of convenience!

Satechi Dock5 Multi-Device Charging Station | $59.99

Do they have lost of tech device? If so this one is a game changer + charger. They can keep things organized and charge all of their prized possessions in one dock. 

Razer Kishi Universal Mobile Game Controller | $69.99

Now this one's pretty cool, for techies and gamers. If they love gaming on their phone, get them this mobile game controller to elevate their mobile gaming experience. It's really the only way to do it right.


We obviously can't forget about Christmas stockings! Here are some HIDEit Mounts that can easily be slipped into stockings with ease.

1. HIDEit Key Mount | $25

HIDEit Rep Pick (Ben @chettystudios)

2. HIDEit Switch | $22

3. HIDEit Universal Controller Mounts Pro | $10

HIDEit Rep Pick (Kathy @mermaid_skillz)

4. HIDEit Bat Mounts | $22+

5. HIDEit Universal Headset Mounts | $15

6. HIDEit Apple TV | $15

7. HIDEit Horizontal Snowboard Mount Clips | $20

8. HIDEit Pucks | $27

9. HIDEit Horizontal Hockey Stick Mount | $20

10. HIDEit DualSense Mount | $20