Cardinal Nation, are you ready to see one of the best ways to show off your bats and love of the game?


The moment we saw the photos Ryan submitted for our #afterHIDEit monthly contest, we just knew we needed to feature his impressive St. Louis Cardinals setup. As a huge baseball fan, Ryan not only collects Cardinals memorabilia but he also collects baseball bats from each stadium he visits! How cool is that?!

Ryan's St. Louis Cardinals baseball sports room setup with memorabilias from stadiums.


As a sports fan with a full-size bat collection, he just knew he needed to find a perfect way to display them, and what better way than to DISPLAYit with HIDEit!

"I was looking for ways to hang more of my bats and stumbled upon your mounts. I collect full-size bats for every baseball stadium I visit and I wanted to display them all together," said Ryan.

World Series MLB bats displayed in an HBat in his Cardinals room. 

Using HIDEit's Horizontal and Vertical Bat Mounts, the bats are the spotlight not the mounts that hold them. This feature is important because Ryan has signed bats from veteran Cardinals players like Ozzie Smith and Tony La Russa.

The most special bat however, is from Cardinals' second baseman, Nolan Gorman. He gave Ryan's two-year-old son a signed model bat with a special message saying: "Marshall, Always follow your dreams."

Cardinals second base man Nolan Gorman signed Ryan's 2-year-old son's baseball bat.

With a collection this grand, our baseball bat mounts also help keep Ryan's bats safe and secure! Our HBat Mount is rubber dipped, preventing the bats from slipping or getting scratched.


Ryan mapped out this display after moving to a new house. In this new location, he can show off his collection all together! 

"I'm a perfectionist, so measure twice or even three times and figure out the spacing if you are going to layer them like me, it wasn't easy. Patience is definitely needed," said Ryan.

Cardinals baseball jersey, Brock and autographed baseball bat.

Additionally, Ryan has a World Series bat displayed using our HIDEit Horizontal Baseball Bat Mount, which can be seen in the camera shot of his St. Louis Cardinals Podcast, That's A Winner Podcast


The thing about collecting is that collections continue to grow, and Ryan definitely has plans on adding more to his. "I have lots of bats— not pictured— and seven more stadiums to add to the bat collection!"

This sports setup is definitely one of HIDEit's favorites. But what is Ryan's favorite part about his setup? "Quality and inconspicuous. The bats hanging are the star, not the product [mounts] holding the bats up."

Got a sports collection you want to show off just like Ryan? Check out all of our sports mounts collection!