FEATURED HIDEit INFLUENCER: reventon5207 - HIDEit Mounts

February 27, 2019 2 min read


    Our retro gamer @reventon5207 aka Michael, is a Twitch Streamer and co-founder of Twilight_Gamerz. Growing up in a household with three older brothers, Michael was way too used to messy game rooms and endless clutter. He did not want this for his own setups, so this talented gaming and lifestyle photographer designed three different setups to create the ultimate organized and sleek chill-zone.


    As an Instagram influencer, he crossed paths with HIDEit Affiliate @overdosedgaming, discovering there is in fact a way to organize his setup while also making it look awesome. Michael was seeking a product to not only hide his consoles but DISPLAYit. "What I love about HIDEit Mounts is the company’s dedication to provide an awesome product, that's not only useful but necessary...HIDEit Mounts products make a statement...I want to have my gaming setup looking sharp and presentable. This product allows me to do just that."


    Michael began his HIDEit transformation journey by doing plenty of Youtube, Reddit, and Instagram research then compiled images of his dream setups. “Instead of ‘hiding’ away the consoles, I mounted them beside the TV. I used some LED lights to really show off the merchandise.” Today, his setup contains well-managed cables and wires, clean gaming stations with a massive gaming library, and best of all, there isn’t any clutter - only a neat presentation of consoles and devices.


    Streaming Setup

    Secondary Streaming Setup

    Retro Streaming Setup 

      WHAT’S NEXT?

      Since Michael has had his TVs since 2010, he plans to upgrade and then mount them to the wall to complete his dream setup- it is way overdue! Want to be Featured? Send us your setup pics and details of your setup to after@hideitmounts.com. We will select one customer to feature each month.