FEATURED HIDEit INFLUENCER: overdosedgaming - HIDEit Mounts

January 30, 2019 2 min read


Jesse aka @overdosedgaming on Instagram has an all star setup! His setup, which is commonly called “The ODG Cave” has all of the latest consoles, which is definitely something to brag about! He said “I’ve been a gamer at heart since childhood and I’ve always dreamed of having a gamer room where I had everything at reach. Growing up, this was impossible to have.”


“HIDEit Mounts has an amazing product, quality is top notch, huge variety of different types of mounts for various electronics and crazy good service. It is definitely a one of a kind company.” Jesse is the organized type, but before he got HIDEit Mounts, he had unnecessary clutter. “Consoles can be quite a mess when you don’t have the right size of storage.”


He researched setups on “YouTube, Instagram, and reddit to have the decor I currently have in place.” He is always on the lookout for the latest in technology to keep his setup ultramodern and ahead of the game. First, he started with a Sony LCD 55-inch flat-screen TV with surround sound, an Xbox, and just one couch. He likes to upgrade his TV every two to three years. He recommends to take baby steps and to do a lot of bargain shopping when it comes to games because that is how he got to where he is now! He also loves the mini-fridge that he put in the in his gaming room and said “every gamer needs one.”



2019 will be a year for more additions! He plans to add a home theater to complete his setup. Upgrading his TV to a larger one is definitely on his to-do list as well! Jesse plans to make his setup even more amazing than it already is!

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