FEATURED HIDEit CUSTOMER: Dom + The Spark Wire Gaming Room Airbnb

FEATURED HIDEit CUSTOMER: Dom + The Spark Wire Gaming Room Airbnb

If you’re an Airbnb host looking to level up your hosting game, check out how using HIDEit Mounts helped Dom create the coolest Airbnb gaming room for his guests!


Dom is a long-time gamer who always wanted to start a business around his passion for gaming. His idea? Build the ultimate Gaming Room designed to bring an interactive and social atmosphere back to gaming! One year later, Dom brought his idea to life with a Tokyo, night-scape themed game room, known as The Spark Wire Gaming Room available on Airbnb! 

"The idea was conceived about 8 years ago and I wanted to make a gaming bar with the same sort of flare."

"I've built computers and played computer games since the Wolfenstein and Doom days. It's always been my go-to instead of watching TV. Over the years while serving in the Army, I've met and connected with lots of internet friends around the country as we played for hours at night. We would drink and just laugh at each other as we played through games. I figured if people could enjoy a beverage and watch football together, why couldn't you create a space like that but for video games. The Airbnb was just an easy way to test it on a small scale."

The Spark Wire Gaming Room Construction
The Spark Wire Gaming Room Construction

Working hard work on his days off and with help from his sons, Dom was able to complete his themed Airbnb within a year.

"I did 90 percent of the work by myself and the idea is completely unique as far as the design goes. It was designed to be as social and interactive as possible. You can see everyones faces while playing and all the equipment is cross play compatible."

Dominic from The Spark Wire Gaming Room Airbnb
The Spark Wire Gaming Room Airbnb construction help.


Dom needed a flexible and secure solution for all his gaming gear. That's when he discovered HIDEit Mounts on Instagram while looking for gaming setups.

"I first took notice of the controller mounts and then it turns out I was in need of hidden security mounts for my consoles in my Airbnb. The discreet, slim, and secure design was perfect for the job."

Using HIDEit’s Xbox Console Mounts, Nintendo Switch Mount, Universal Controller Mounts and Universal Theft Deterrent Kit, Dom was able to securely mount all his gaming gear without sacrificing esthetics or space. Our mounts were the perfect solution.

"[HIDEit Mounts] hid my equipment for a clean look and also secured them so that they couldn't be tampered with or stolen.  It was a no brainer especially after the quality and customer service."

HIDEit Mounts Universal Medium+Wide Mount with Theft Deterrent Kit
HIDEit Mounts Universal Controller Mount with Xbox Controller


Dom installed three Xbox consoles behind wall mounted TVs. HIDEit Mounts are designed to never block ports or vents allowing for long-term game play without overheating. But the consoles also needed to be secure to prevent potential theft. By using HIDEit's full-wrap Universal Mounts plus a Theft Deterrent Add-on, the consoles are now unable to be removed from the wall without Dom's knowledge.

The Spark Wire Gaming Room Featuring HIDEit Xbox Mounts and Theft Deterrent Add-ons

He also installed multiple HIDEit Controller Mounts along the entry wall so gamers can easily grab a controller then place it back on the mount for recharging access. No more lost controllers!

The Spark Wire Gaming Room Airbnb Controllers in HIDEit Mounts Universal Controller Mounts

"There were a lot of competitor's products that were tempting to purchase but I decided to go with the best because I didn't want the hassle of replacing or reinstalling something that broke or failed. HIDEit Mounts were superior."

Dom's best advice?

"Go with quality and customer service. Time is valuable and you may regret purchasing cheap materials that are mounting expensive electronics." 


What's the one thing Dom would like to add to this unique Airbnb to make it complete? "A long, floating bar top that runs along the wall.  It would really give people a place to stand/talk and set drinks on." While this Game Room is already impressive, we agree that that would make a great addition too!

The Spark Wire Gaming Room Airbnb

Dom also sees potential expansion in the future. "I would like to scale and expand on the idea. My space solves the problem of the isolated gamer who never leaves the house and I think there are other problems in the industry that can be solved through creative and bold concepts."

The best part?

"It never fails, I hear "NO WAAYY!" or "WHAT THE!!??" or "ARE YOU SERIOUS?!!" I love those reactions and appreciation to the hard work that took time away from other things in my life. My boys and I would say it was all well worth the time and effort."

The Spark Wire Gaming Room Airbnb PC gaming area.
The Spark Wire Gaming Room PC gaming area.

"Gaming was always meant to be together and it grew apart for accessibility. I think and hope venues like mine can bridge that gap and allow gamers to also game together in a unique atmosphere."

Well said, Dom. We look forward to seeing what's next in store!

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