FEATURED HIDEit CUSTOMER: Nick P. From Virginia - HIDEit Mounts

January 16, 2019 2 min read


We love seeing the family-friendly setups our customers create! Nick definitely did that: he is a SuperDad, avid Gamer, and a battlestation mastermind! As a father of three, he decided it was time to upgrade their original setup so the 4 could game together. Talk about quality bonding time!


Nick decided to upgrade to three Xbox One X consoles, but he was frustrated with the mess of cables and wires on the entertainment stand. The headsets had nowhere to go - they frequently got stepped on. The setup was functional, but it wasn't up to Nick’s standard and did not align with his vision.

He started researching video game room setups and came across HIDEit. Nick saw a setup with side-by-side mounted TVs with mounted consoles and gaming chairs at each station. He loved “the concept of displaying the console next to the TV and getting the cords and controllers out of the way.” Nick decided to create a custom, ultimate gaming setup to game with his kids.


Nick and his family recently moved into a new home so it was the perfect time to create their dream setup! After a lot of saving, planning, and waiting, he was ready to make his dream setup a reality. Nick carefully measured the space he would need for the 3 stations, making sure that there was more than enough room for the consoles, controllers, and headsets. He wall mounted his three 43" 4K TVs with fully articulating mounts, for full mobility. Then he purchased HIDEit Mounts for the consoles, headsets, and controllers: it was the icing on the cake.



Nick is thrilled with their new gaming setup, but in the future he plans to upgrade their TVs and purchase the next generation Xbox game consoles. For now, he loves having everything off of the floor and being able to display his consoles.

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