HIDEit has always been a fan of Old Hickory bats. In fact, it was an Old Hickory bat that was gifted to Co-Founder Chuck Shirley and used in our very first baseball bat wall mount released in 2019. Four years later, we could never have imagined collaborating together on an update to their showroom!


Old Hickory baseball bats are used by some of the biggest names in baseball, including Mike Trout, Byron Buxton, and Matt Olson. Their bats have become a go-to choice for many ballplayers, and it's no wonder why - from their expert craftsmanship to unwavering attention to detail, each bat is a masterpiece in its own right! So when they needed an upgrade for their showroom baseball bat display, the answer was simple – HIDEit had just what they were looking for!

"Old Hickory has known about HIDEit Mounts for a while now, we discovered them when it came to our attention that they had a product that matches perfectly with ours. We have several HIDEit Mounts throughout our factory that help show off and display our products with out the tacky and bulky look of similar products."

Old Hickory Bat Company custom bat production.
Old Hickory Bat Company team in Nashville headquarters.


Old Hickory needed a way to show off their massive collection of 250 bats without taking up too much wall space. After all, the bulky wall mount options on the market just weren't cutting it - not when they wanted to showcase each custom bat! Thankfully, they found a smarter solution that let them display their collection with ease and style.

"HIDEit Mounts has played a vital role in the redesign of our factory. We have over 250 bats hung up and displayed using these mounts, yet you can hardly tell they are there. These mounts have allowed us to display our bats in an effective and aesthetic way that catches our customers eyes!"

Using HIDEit’s 8Bat Mount Old Hickory was able to bring their vision to life. Our mount's minimalist form allowed the baseball bats to be the center of attention and not the mount.

Old Hickory showroom display using HIDEit Baseball Bat Mounts.
HIDEit Mounts 8 Bat Wall Mount

"They help create an organized and professional look that took our factory aesthetic to a different level."

The result? Customer satisfaction!

"HIDEit Mounts has improved our customer experience due to the fact that our customers can now see all of the different options that we offer in one single space. As people tour of factory, they notice all of the bats hung on the mounts and always ask if they are available to order!"

Old Hickory showroom display with signed bats in a HIDEit HBat Mount.


You would think setting up a display with over 250 bats would be a daunting task. But not with a HIDEit Bat Hanger Mount! "We had one guy hang up 10-15 8Bat Mounts in under an hour." This is proof that innovative, user-friendly designs make installation super quick and simple!

Old Hickory also chose to install HIDEit Horizontal Bat Mounts which come with protective rubber caps to ensure the bats stay securely mounted and safe from potential scratches. This makes it a snap for customers to take off a bat and put back on without having to worry about paint damage.

"We have received very positive feedback from our customers regarding how nice and cool the bats look hung up around our shop. One section of our display includes MLB players using Old Hickory Bats with their game bat mounted next to them using a HIDEit Mount. This allows our customers to make a direct correlation to the player and bat they swing."

Old Hickory showroom displaying baseball bats in HIDEit Mounts.
HIDEit Horizontal Bat Display Mount


What's next in store for Old Hickory? "As we continue to freshen up the look of our shop, we will continue to use the cool and unique mounts such as the Cross Bat Mount to spice up our look for those customers who take a tour of our factory."

Old Hickory team in Nashville factory.

HIDEit was thrilled to team up with Old Hickory and help them make a statement in their showroom! This eye-catching baseball bat display achieved the perfect balance of style and function. Here's looking forward to what else our collaboration has in store!

Interested in viewing the Old Hickory Bat Company showroom? Stop by their Tennessee headquarters any time Monday-Friday from 8am-4pm EST!