FEATURED HIDEit INFLUENCER: collectorgamingcouple

FEATURED HIDEit INFLUENCER: collectorgamingcouple


WHO IS collectorgamingcouple?

This couple is the epitome of #relationshipgoals! They enjoy spending their life together gaming, collecting Funko Pops and Dragon Ball Z statues, and always keeping their gaming setups up to snuff. Being a couple, they have two of everything for gaming, which means, they have a lot of opportunity for unwanted clutter! 


Due to their recent move to Florida and their seriously impressive collection, they decided that their consoles could no longer hog up all of their cabinet space and needed to utilize their space wisely. But how? “Shelves were out of the question. We researched a way to display our devices, from angled shelves to picture ledge stands… Thankfully, HIDEit Mounts had the exact product that suited our needs: floating consoles and accessories that make the room look clean and modern!”


The first HIDEit Mount they ordered and installed was for their Xbox One X in their living area for Player 1 which later got moved to a designated gaming room. Their bedroom served as their Player 2 area with a 55” Sony 4k TV enhanced with their Limited Edition Spider-Man PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition proudly on display.

Now their gaming room is their pride and joy! The couple recently purchased a new TV, which they attribute to Black Friday sales, set up their PC, mounted their devices, and now have an abundance of room left for their collector items!



Game Room


The couple’s plans are to get new lighting for the rooms, add lighting to their shelves, “catch up on all the new releases and decide how to specifically utilize HIDEit to mount the systems on the living room.”

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