Dustyns Garage with helmet mount, bike mount, hockey stick mount, skateboard mount


Dustyn is a HIDEit employee who had a cluttered garage from his love of being outside.

“I am a quick-moving person who is always doing something outdoors when I get the chance to. I have something to entertain myself outdoors for every season from snowboarding and hockey in the winter to biking and skateboarding in the summer.”


Dustyn’s garage became nearly unusable outside of a storage unit, and even then he was running out of space. With a couple of bikes, skateboards and winter equipment, it started to become a hazard.

Dustyn's messy garage

“I chose to get mounts for my garage because I was sick of tripping over all the equipment, moving everything to get something out, and seeing a dirty, cluttered garage.”

He also needed a fast and easy way to access his gear when he needed it most. “Cleaning up my garage was needed to have quick and easy access to all my sports equipment when I need it as well as having a clean garage.”


Dustyn created a plan of attack to clean up his garage. “I planned my setup to have the easiest access to everything and group items together that are used together.”

Dustyn installing snowboard mount and hockey stick mount
Dustyn installing vertical skateboard mount and hockey stick mount

Having so many items he needed to clean up, Dustyn used two of our bike mounts, helmet mounts, hockey stick mounts and skateboard mounts. He also used a snowboard mount, ski mount and used a mount for his ski boots. “The goal was to make it as easy as possible to clean up and get gear down.”


“My plan next is, for when I inevitably pick up a new hobby, to get a mount to keep the garage clutter-free.”

Dustyn's garage finished
Dustyn's garage wall

But in the immediate future, he plans on grabbing a baseball bat mount.

Have a garage that needs organization? Check out mounts to get your equipment off the floor and stored safely on your walls!