5 Tips to Clean Up Your Cords

5 Tips to Clean Up Your Cords

Let’s talk about something nobody likes to see, hear about or take care of -- untamed cords. They’re unsightly, daunting to take care and, worst of all, a hazard. But the unfortunate truth is they’re a necessary evil in this golden era of technology. 

Whether it’s our consoles, TVs, PCs, and anything in between, they’re all connected by at least one cable. Well, instead of just ignoring them, let HIDEit help you with some tips on how to clean up cords around your home.

Tip 1 - Use Cord Wraps

Wild cords all have one thing in common: they’re everywhere! With all the different technology we have in our living rooms or home offices, they build up quickly. What’s the fastest and easiest way to tame them? Cord wraps!

HIDEit Cord Wraps
HIDEit Cord Wraps

Whether you decide to go with a zip-tie or make a DIY solution, bringing cables together is the best way to clean up your cords. We recommend going with our HIDEit Cord Wraps as they don't pinch cables the way a zip-tie can.

Our cord organizers are made out of a high-quality hook and loop, similar to a Velcro cord wrap, that’s strong enough to hold and are easily adjustable to fit cords of any size. A hook and loop cord wrap makes the project go by faster, is easier to work with and allows you to make changes quickly should you add or remove any cables.

Tip 2 - Hide Them

We love showing off HIDEit HQ’s Gamer Wall. Having four TVs gives us the flexibility to play our PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X simultaneously. But a common comment we see mentions that the consoles aren’t plugged in. We’ll let you in on a secret though, they are! How’d we do it? 

Easy, we hid the cables behind the TVs!

We used a handful of HIDEit Cord Wraps to keep the cords together and strategically placed them behind the TVs. There was more than enough room for each of the cables, and since each of the consoles are close to the TV, it creates the illusion they’re not plugged in. We’d say that’s a job well done! 

HIDEit HQ Gamer Wall. Cords with cord wraps and hiding cables behind the TVsThe start of hiding the cords.
HIDEit HQ Gamer Wall finished with cords hiding behind the TVsThe finished look.

There are other options to hide them, as well. You can also look into hiding the cable behind the wall. You’ll need to make a larger opening in your wall and pick up a recessed wire cable plate. This cable organizer will allow you to get those cables behind your walls quickly and easily.

While we had a cable management problem with our TV setup, we’ve heard the cries from many people who are working from home. You can apply these same principles to hiding your cables behind your desk or other furniture with painter's tape or cable clips to get those cords to stick to your desk. Whether you’re mounting your Mac Mini or using the Gadgets+ USB Hub to connect your MacBook Pro to your monitor for greater productivity, make sure to hide your cords for a clean office setup.


Brighten up your room with LED lights. Pick up a HIDEit LED Strip Light to upgrade your setup even further, and become the envy of all your friends!

Tip 3 - Cover Them

Another option to get rid of the sight of the cords is to find a cord cover and stick them to the wall. 

By using a cord cover, you’ll gain more freedom of where you want to place your consoles or cable boxes. They come in various colors, but don’t be afraid to get creative and paint them! Whether it’s the same color as the wall or a different color to add an accent, it’s up to you!

Cable covers are also cheap and non-destructive by sticking to the wall with adhesive. Just think about how long and if you need ones that bend in some way. 

Tip 4 - Display Those Cables

Alright, this tip isn’t much in the way of hiding the cords, but this is one many people don’t think about when it comes to cables. Try making a display out of them!

Customer display with cords laid out in a computer circuit patternAn example of how to display cables.

When displaying them, use cable clips such as Viaky adhesive clips. These small cable clamps are an affordable option to make an incredible display.

We’ve had many customers send in their #afterHIDEit photos with their cords in fun patterns that resemble circuit boards, and they always garner a lot of attention. 

So, while you won’t be hiding your cords in this instance, you’ll still be cleaning them up. It’s a win-win! 

Tip 5 - The DIY Route

We love to DIY at HIDEit, and we know our customers love to take projects into their own hands, as well. 

There are dozens of ways to clean up cables with this solution. You can go simple and tape cords to the back of desks or TVs, use bread clips with labels or get creative and make cable management boxes to store them. The possibilities are endless, so let your imagination run wild.

So whether you’re wanting to clean up your living room or needing better desk cable management use these tips to help get your cables under control.