4 Steps to Easily Clean Your Garage

Garage Cleanup with storage containers and overhead storage rack

The garage is one of the most important parts of your home and a space that can quickly become messy. It’s easy to see why since there’s so much room to store your stuff. Don’t ignore garage organization or let it become an overwhelming process! Here are a few garage cleaning tips from the help of HIDEit.

Step 1: Move Everything Out of the Way

Take a breathe and begin tackling what is probably the most crucial step of cleaning your garage. Whether you’re doing this job in sections or all simultaneously, take everything you’re trying to organize and move it out of the way, such as outside.

But don’t just pile everything into one spot; organize it all! Whether you want to categorize based on sport, season or how often you use it, use this time to take inventory on it all. You might be shocked at how many extra items you’ve purchased over the years because you thought you didn’t have tape, screws or that can of paint.

Garage cleanup with bikes, skis, a snowboard, helmets, and a skateboard laying on the ground.Organize your gear to help understand your plan.

BONUS: Sweep and Clean

Moving your tool box, bikes and sporting equipment means you can now sweep dust and clean the corners of your garage. The amount of dust and grime that builds up over the years is surprising. Cleaning this up will also help stop critters and bugs from taking refuge in your home.

Step 2: Plan Your Space Out

Now that everything is out of the way and cleaned, plan out where you’re going to put your stuff. Bikes, snowboard gear, skimboards and other sporting gear take up a lot of space. Tools should be easily accessible for home repairs. Don’t forget about the space for your cars. Plan accordingly!

But don’t just put everything on the floor; utilize your wall space! Now is the perfect time to think about mounting equipment as much as you can, and HIDEit is here to help. From our bat mounts to our snow and water collection, your unused wall space is the perfect solution for extra storage.

BONUS: Take Inventory

You’d be surprised at how much can be accumulated over the years. Tape, tools, screws and everything in between builds up when you can’t find it. It’s sometimes easier to buy more rather than look for it.

Use this as an opportunity to take inventory, so you stop doing this in the future and save some money!

Step 3: Put Stuff Away

Now that you’ve moved everything and cleaned your garage, it’s time to start organizing and putting everything away in the proper locations.

Use stackable storage bins and garage shelf space for multiple items to maximize your space. Label accordingly and find a system that works best for you.

HIDEit MBoard Board Rack with two skimboards in a garage.Our Universal Medium Board Rack will get those boards off the floor. 

Step 4: MOUNTit

You’ve taken care of the small stuff; now it’s time to utilize the ideal garage storage solution, your wall space!

A lot of people think about hanging bikes from the ceiling or leaving them in the corner, but we’d advise against that! Placing them in the corner leaves them open to get knocked over (damaging your bikes and anything else in the way), and hanging them is a headache waiting to happen. Grab a HIDEit Vertical Bike Wall Mount and get those bikes safely on the wall!

Don’t stop there! Avoid slipping on skateboards with the Vertical Skate Mount, get all those bats out of the barrel with the 8Bat Mount and hang helmets with the Universal Helment Mount.

Is your favorite season over? Grab our new Board Rack to get those skimboards and wakeboards safely stored when the weather cools down. Snow melting? Use our Horizontal Snowboard Mount and Vertical Ski Mount as the perfect storage solution.

HIDEit DSkate, VBike, and Uni-H Mounts with a helmet, bike, and skateboard installed in a room for cleanup.Safely store your favorite seasonal gear.

HIDEit has an assortment of mounts to protect not just your gear but yourself. So don’t just keep everything on the floor; get it up on the wall.

BONUS: Bring Your Gear In and DISPLAYit

Do you have collector baseball bats or a sweet skate deck you want to show off? Our mounts aren’t just for storing but also proudly displaying your favorite gear. Create the showstopping display for your mancave with the XBat, or show off your favorite signed skate deck with our Display Skate Mount. Remember, your sporting gear can be a piece of art!

Don’t let your garage feel like a daunting task. Use these steps, take your time and before you know it, you’ll be the garage organizer you know you can be. After you’re done, you’ll be admiring your work and moving on to your next project.

Ready to clean your garage? Check out the entire HIDEit Sports Mounts Collection.