5 Must-Haves for the Ultimate Man Cave

5 Must-Haves for the Ultimate Man Cave

It's no secret that guys love their sports. And what could be better than combining that love with some quality time in your very own Man Cave? Whether you're just starting to put together your Man Cave or you're looking for ways to take it up a notch, here are five essentials that every guy needs.

    1. A comfortable place to sit - a couch or recliner is ideal.

    Your Man Cave should be a comfortable space where you kick back and relax after a long day, so make sure your seating is comfortable. Choose furniture and decor that makes you feel at ease with cozy seats for yourself and guests!

    Whether you’re planning on only having a couch or a chair, you’ll need to plan how you and your guests will navigate around the furniture. Space planning is the key to ensuring all of your favorite things fit without being too cramped or tight.

    Check out our 4 Space Planning Tips for Building Your Man Cave for an in-depth tutorial on space planning.

    HIDEit Mounts Man Cave seating area.

    2. A big screen TV - this is a must for any Man Cave.

    Whether you're watching the game or your favorite movie, a big screen TV is essential. You don't want to spring for the largest model available just yet though - you'll need to think about where it'll go and how much wall space you have. If you want the best immersion, it's important to get this just right.

    Read our Pro Tips on General Viewing Distance and Finding the Right TV Mount.

    Include a sound system in your Man Cave - perfect for blasting your favorite tunes or cheering on your team! A sound system will complete your space.

    HIDEit Mounts Sonos Arc Mount

    3. A pool table, arcade game, or other gaming system

    No Man Cave is complete without some form of entertainment. Whether it's a pool table, an arcade game, or a gaming system, having something to keep you occupied is crucial. Not only will it provide hours of fun and relaxation, but it'll also be a great way to bond with friends and family!

    Mounting gaming gear like a PS5 console, controllers or headset will make more room for toys and decor. Plus, it keeps gear organized and safe from accidental spills!

    HIDEit PS5 Mount and Controller Mount with Skateboard Wall Mounts

    4. Favorite photos, memorabilia, and collectibles

    Don't be afraid to personalize the space with photos, memorabilia, and other personal touches!

    You can create the ultimate sports man cave in any room of your house by using your sports gear as decor. Hang up that signed basketball jersey on the wall or mount your favorite baseball bat next to the couch. Our easy-to-use Sports Mounts allow you to display your sports gear without taking up valuable floor space.

    Check out these Four Tips to Display Your Fave Gear!

    HIDEit Mounts Man Cave baseball gear display.

    5. A bar area with a refrigerator and sink

    If you're looking to create the ultimate Man Cave, include a bar with access to a refrigerator and/or sink. The drinks are conveniently close by and it'll be one of your most popular hangouts!

    Gathering all of your bar supplies is a must. Not only will you have what you need when friends make a surprise visit, it is also a great way to personalize the space. Try to select items that help reinforce your Man Cave theme then show them off!

    Use shelves to display your favorite collectibles or barware. Need inspo? Here are Four Easy DIY Decor Ideas.

    HIDEit Mounts man cave bar.

    Man Caves are the perfect place to call your own. Whether you're just starting out or looking for ways enhance what's already there, these five essentials will get you started on your journey!