De-Clutter Your Desk with These Space-Saving Essentials!

As we're headed into August and preparing for a new season and the beginning of a new school year, there's some pressure to get organized!

Whether you’re a student, remote employee or just a neat freak (like us!) -- a clean and organized desk can actually help you to stay focused and bring more zen to your study or work time. 

So, here are a few of our favorite space-saving desktop tips from around the web:

  • Consumer Reports recommends the Space Bar monitor stand and we love it too: “[It] raises your monitor off the desk for more ergonomic viewing and helps declutter your desk by providing storage space for your keyboard.”
  • editor, Joel Mathis suggests HIDEit Mounts’ MiniU under desk/VESA/wall mount to “get a little more elbow room,” and we couldn't agree more! “The $40 Mac mini wall mount lets you clean up desk space by mounting your Mac mini to the back of your computer monitor, or on the wall right behind the monitor.” 
  • Joel also suggests the Bluelounge Posto headphone stand. agrees that it’s a must-buy to keep your desktop clear: “Instead of just tossing my ‘phones onto the desktop and having them take up about 52 square inches of space, I now hang them on the Posto with its 18 square inch base.”

You can check out our Mac mini wall mount here recommended by MacWorld, and click on the links above for even more space-saving desktop tips!