Smart Homes Can Still Look Stylish!

Think you need to trade in style just because you’ve added technology to your home? Not so! There are more home technology offerings now more than ever, but homeowners can still get that magazine-worthy look in their home with the help of a little creativity and the right home décor accessories! 

Five great tips for incorporating technology into your home without compromising interior design can be found in a recent post! The editor, Bridget Mallon, says a must-have tip for tidying up TV areas? HIDEit Mounts! 

“Nothing's more frustrating than finding the perfect tech piece and getting it all set up, only to realize it requires numerous unsightly consoles that totally clash with your décor,” says in the article. “Luckily, wall mounts, like HIDEit Mounts, have come a long way, too, offering plenty of options to tuck everything, including video game consoles and cable boxes, behind your TV.” 

Brilliant!  And after you’ve hid your consoles, why not HIDE the TV too? We love this artwork that slides to HIDE your entire TV! 

Check out the full article on for more ways to make your smart home still look stylish; and for a quick tutorial on how to easily install your new HIDEit Mounts, check out our video guide here.