3 New Wall Mounts for Devices that Fit in the Palm of your Hand!

Love how tiny electronics are becoming? But HATE what a pain it is to have so many mini components cluttering up your TV or computer area?

Introducing 3 new mounts from HIDEit all under 7 inches that can help eliminate the distraction of streamers, routers, speakers, modems and more around your office area or home entertainment space.

The smaller the electronic, the easier it is to HIDEit! So don’t sweat it, you got this!

 HIDEit Air-XTA wall mount for the 5th Generation Apple Airport Extreme

If your Apple Airport Extreme Wi-Fi base station is sitting on your desk at work, you’re doing it all wrong! The new HIDEit Air-XT allows users to free up valuable desk space and keep their Airport Extreme safe from any coffee or water spills by securely mounting it to the wall.

Designed so you have complete access to all ports and connectors, the Airport Extreme is safely secured in place once inside the mount and any cords that users plug into the Extreme help support its snug fit even more! 

The cold-rolled steel Air-XT mount has also been extensively tested to prove that it does NOT block or interfere with any Wi-Fi signals, so performance has never been safer, cleaner and more practical!

HIDEit EchoA wall mount for the Amazon Echo speaker

Easy to pop-in and -out and still travel throughout the home, with the new HIDEit Echo wall mount, your speaker looks more like a decorative wall sconce than just a portable tube sitting on your desk or TV stand.

Tested for quality assurance, Alexa still hears you perfectly from across the room while the Echo is mounted. The sleek HIDEit design and black powder coat finish blends right into the device!

HIDEit Uni-XS An adjustable wall mount for universal extra small devices

If you have a tiny media player, cable box, router or modem, the HIDEit Uni-XS is for you! This mount fits even the smallest devices measuring only 2" x 2"!

You just adjust the depth of the mount to fit your component (fits devices from .1 – 1.1”) and you’ll have it up on the wall and out of your way in minutes!

And just because it's small doesn’t mean it’s not strong! Like all of our mounts, this Uni-XS is made from cold-rolled 16-gauge steel and allows users easy access to power button, output jacks, and cables on either side.