HIDEit Virtual Tour


All of the growth that we have experienced in the past two years has let us move into a new larger location here in Reno. We wanted to share a virtual tour with all of of customers who have made it possible for us to get here! 


Wide view of the outside of the HIDEit Mounts building

The front doors! Watch TV. Clutter Free.™ 

First step in the doors! you can see a bed from our new Kids Room setup the gamer wall and our Beach Living Room all in one shot!

Looks better up close! You would never guess from our usual photos that this room is in an open showroom! 

Looking back at the entrance from the other side of the living room, illusion of a household living room shattered! 

Looking around the corner, some of the HIDEit Team's workstations right next to the Gamer Wall, how does any work get done?

Next to the entrance we have our Bar setup!  Adjacent to a small sitting area.

Our Before HIDEit Setup! With a slide show running of some of the more disastrous before images sent to us from our customers. 

The Kids Bedroom looking in full view! Think he might like racing?

Sean usually greets everyone, saying hi behind his desk!

Straight view of the Gamer Wall... Pretty epic. 

And just a peek at the warehouse/shipping center! All of our new boxes getting ready to head out!