HIDEit Shield | NVIDIA Shield TV 1st Gen Wall Mount

NVIDIA Wall Mount, VESA Mount, Under Desk Mount for NVIDIA Shield 1st Gen Gaming Streamer

  • The Shield gives you all of your favorite apps; Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and more! Whether you get the remote or game controller, line of sight is not required, so HIDE away! Our HIDEit Shield Mount enables you to mount your Shield on the wall or to the back of your TV! This is a precision designed steel wall mount; making HIDEit the strongest, most convenient way to feel safe about mounting your Shield.

    For NVIDIA Shield TV Pro Mount: HIDEit Shield 2

    NVIDIA Shield sold separately. NVIDIA is a registered trademark of NVIDIA Corp.

    Product Name: HIDEit Shield
    UPC: Black 798304384864
    Includes: #8 Flat Countersink Screws, Drywall Anchors
    Dimensions: H 8.48 x L 5.22 D 1.11 in (215.39 x 132.59 x 28.19 mm)