THE INSIDE STORY: HIDEit's Sonos Move Mount

THE INSIDE STORY: HIDEit's Sonos Move Mount

Our HIDEit Sonos Mounts Collection just got bigger! And we just might have outdone ourselves with this mount!

Welcome to the family, Sonos Move Mount!



Designing a mount for the Sonos Move was naturally the next choice for our ever-growing Sonos Mount Collection. We couldn’t pass up making a storage solution for one of the coolest portable speakers on the market! And, of course, we had to design an equally cool mount! Born from the high quality you’ve come to expect from HIDEit, this mount’s got it all - convenient storage with charging capability, tidy cable management, and easy grab ‘n go access!



Structural integrity was a key factor in our Move Mount designs. We tested three gauges of steel to ensure it was minimal yet supportive for the Move’s 6.6 pounds. The biggest hurdle? Ensuring no sag over time! Our final design is made with 13-gauge steel strong enough to make certain the mount won’t sag even with heavy use.

Although not part of our original design concept, incorporating the Move’s charging base into the overall design turned out to be one of the coolest features of this mount! We continued to make design tweaks to ensure the charging base is secure and won't slide around as the speaker is placed on and off the mount. The final result? An innovative wrap design that allows the charging base to slide into the mount and “lock" into place before installation. At the end of day your Move should be able to live in one location charged and ready to go!

Bonus! We even included notches around the base for easy cable management. A clean, cordless setup is what HIDEit’s all about! Wrap the charging cable around the mount and INSTALLit near an outlet.



The HIDEit Sonos Move Mount is designed to give your Move a secure home. This indoor storage solution is sleek, sturdy and easy to install. Plus, it’s the only Move Wall Mount currently on the market that locks the charging base into place for sturdy charging and always-ready grab ’n go access.

HIDEit Move Mount features:

  • Custom designed for Sonos Move + charging base.
  • Charging base "locks" into place by sliding into mount.
  • Neatly wrap cord around notches at the base of the mount.
  • Made in USA from 13-gauge steel to support the Move's weight.
  • Quick and easy to install. Minimal tools needed.
  • Includes drywall screws and anchors. Stud mounting optional.
  • Mount not intended for outdoor use. Charging base not weatherproof.

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