HIDEit Man Cave Setup with the new HIDEit HBat Oppo

After 15 years of creating innovative storage solutions, we've revolutionized how you store and display your sports equipment! Here's how our Baseball Bat Mounts came to be and how our Sports Mounts Collection continues to grow by popular demand!


The bigger question is "why is a tech and gaming mount company now making sports mounts?" Well, consider this: how much sports gear graces your garage floor? If you're like us, then the answer is lots! Being athletes ourselves, we know the struggle of sports gear organization. With very few options on the market, there was an obvious need for an innovative, high quality solution - and, that's what we do! 

“As the mom of three boys, HIDEit SPORTS just made sense. We set out to solve simple problems like mounting helmets, baseball bats, and other sports equipment that can be hard to organize.” ~ Relina Shirley, Co-Founder and CEO of HIDEit Mounts.


First, we wanted to ensure the mounts would be durable and versatile to accommodate all levels of baseball and softball athletes. We started the design process by testing baseball and softball bats with different diameter handles. Through multiple designs and rigorous testing, we found the perfect diameter that accommodates bat sizes from T-Ball all the way up to Axe Bats.


“Over the last fifteen years, our business has grown by listening to our clients' requests and providing affordable, innovative storage solutions - our horizontal baseball bat mount is a result of just that.” ~ Chuck Shirley, Co-Founder and COO.

Since the initial launch of our Single, Triple and 8Bat Mounts, we received overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers who were eager to know if additional baseball bat mount solutions were on the way. Well, they didn’t have to wait long! We launched the white variation of our vertical baseball bat mount, as well as the HIDEit Horizontal Bat Mount.

The HIDEit Horizontal Bat Mount was actually in design long before the Vertical Bat Mount. The challenge was creating a multi-piece design that provided the option to mount the bat barrel left or right. However, with brand logos being printed on all bats the same way, we were able to scratch this concept and go back to the drawing board.

We went through multiple design iterations and rigorously tested each one (the poor walls in our office!) before creating a truly unique, single-piece design that is small and discrete when mounted.


A very common question we get is "What if I want to mount the bat with the barrel facing left - the opposite way?" After a long wait, and tons of requests from customers, we finally made our HIDEit HBat Oppo.

The design of this mount is a mirror image of our HIDEit Horizontal Bat Mount to allow the barrel to face left— perfect for bats that have graphics on the left side, which can be common in engraved or trophy bats. The HBat Oppo can also help you create symmetrical design setups, where the bats are facing the opposite way.

HIDEit HBat Oppo and HIDEit HBat in the Man Cave HQ for home organization inspo

HIDEit HBat Oppo 

Just like the original HBat Mount, this mount has a powder-coated finish to prevent rust and rubber-dipped ends to protect the bat from scratches.


After numerous requests (and more challenges to overcome than we'd like to admit to!), we recently added the HIDEit Mini Bat Mount to our growing bat mount family. Our signature minimalist design holds five mini bats and puts the focus on the bats, not the mount. 

The design process wasn't easy though. Who knew all mini bats aren't created equal? The vast differences in bat thickness and handle sizes created design challenges that we grinded away at for months. In the end, a sleek Mini Bat Mount worthy of being part of the HIDEit Bat Mount Collection was born.


Because we never stop innovating, we didn’t stop at five bat mounts. We listened to our sports community and knew we could create a truly unique mount that nobody else in the industry has made before, a showstopping piece to display -- a crossed baseball bat mount!

Using our Horizontal Bat Mount as the base design concept, we tested multiple variations to ensure the mount was minimal yet functional. We started with the bats mounted at a 30-degree angle. It worked, but we asked, “Can the mount work universally with the bat barrels facing up or down?” After a quick test, we found our answer: no. Our design team went back to the drawing board and determined 45 degrees was the way to go. But that brought its own set of challenges, including how to keep the bats from slipping out of the mount...even with our provided rubber caps! So, we added a small bump in each arm to cradle the bat handles to keep them in place. Finally we had NAILEDit - a unique, secure (and just plain cool!) mount to add to any baseball fan's setup, the HIDEit XBat Mount.


We add a powder-coat finish to all our steel baseball bat mounts making them rust resistant and giving sports enthusiasts the option to mount indoor and outdoor, on the wall in a garage, in the home, or in a dugout. Our ribbed design adds additional strength making grab n’ go accessibility sturdy and reliable. Like all HIDEit Mounts, they are easy to install and store adult or youth sized bats in place without slipping.

Did we mention our Horizontal Baseball Bat Mount is the first single-piece horizontal baseball bat wall mount on the market today? The addition of rubber caps also makes this mount scratch resistant to ensure collectable bats are not damaged when being placed on and off the mount.

  • Made by athletes for athletes.
  • Universal design fits most bats from T-Ball Bats to Drop 3 Bats.
  • Perfect for display or storage.
  • Vertical Bat Mount is available in black or white.
  • 8Bat Mount has double obrounds for stud mounting.
  • Horizontal Bat Mount + XBat Mount include scratch resistant rubber caps.
  • Made in the USA from 16-gauge, cold-rolled steel for durability.


“From baseball, to soccer, to volleyball and football, the need to have storage solutions is a necessity for any athlete looking to keep their equipment in top shape. The products coming out of HIDEit SPORTS are endless.” Chuck Shirley, Co-Founder and COO.

Have a device that we don't have a mount for? Let us know! We’re always listening to our customers and just might make your request the next great HIDEit Mount!