They're Baaack... From CEDIA 2017

The HIDEit Team is back from CEDIA 2017! We constantly heard "where have you been?" and "I want to be a dealer!" For us, the details shared about the problems integrators face and how HIDEit can solve them left us feeling inspired.


HIDEit will release even more products to make your job as an A/V Integrator a little bit easier. We'll continue to focus on the things that matter to you: cutting down on installation time and improving the serviceability of installed equipment.

"MacGyvered"  Solutions

At CEDIA we asked integrators and installers "What do you do when you need something local to the display?" We got a lot of guilty looks when they answered with "double sided sticky tape", "velcro", and of course "zip ties". We even saw screws into the back of the TV in our hotel room! These options are quick fixes that are less than professional in appearance. One integrator shared "I've found myself finishing up an integration in a multi-million dollar home and I'm throwing together a cradle with velcro and double sided sticky tape hoping it holds."

HIDEit eliminates the need to MacGyver a last minute mounting solution on the job. We want you to provide your customers a professional, long-lasting solution for anything that you need localized to a display.


This was a common theme - you need easy access to the equipment for follow-up service calls. Because we started developing mounts for the end consumer who often needs to reset their cable box or access their game console, this has always been a primary concern with each and every design. With our mounts just slide out the device, do what you need, slide it back.   

If you're using a rack to centralize the equipment, consider using our mounts on the outside of the rack for cable boxes and routers. You won't be the only person accessing those devices between the install and your next service call so this will ensure that the rack will be found in the same condition as you left it. 

American Made  

HIDEit is proud to be Made in the USA. Not too many companies are keeping their manufacturing stateside, especially in the consumer electronics industry. CEDIA attendees appreciated our commitment to providing local jobs. This also helps us maintain close collaboration between design, sales, and manufacturing.

It was great to come back to CEDIA! Our last time was in 2013. We loved hearing feedback from so many professional integrators. Many shared ideas for different mounts they'd like to see us make and gave insight into everyday problems professional integrators face. After this year, you can plan on seeing HIDEit at CEDIA next year!