March 13, 2019 2 min read



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Our tech fanatic Rolando picked up gaming to connect with his brother during theAtari/NES days! This self-proclaimed “organized” gamer has always dreamt of a room dedicated to gaming only. Being in the tech industry a home office was a necessity, but he wanted to take advantage of the space and transform it into a mini man cave.  


After searching for cable management solutions Rolando came across HIDEit Mounts on Pinterest. Besides needing a secure setup, Rolando was inspired by clean customer photos and wanted his setup to be as neat as possible. “I just wanted a clean setup, no wires or cables showing. I really got inspired by looking at other folks post pics on your site, and I figured I wanted to do something similar.”


In the beginning, Rolando had his consoles on his desk, either standing, or one on top of the other but sitting on a corner monitor stand - claiming it was a mess. “My Favorite thing is how EASY and simple it is to mount! You guys provide the screws and tools needed to mount them to the wall and it was probably the easiest thing in my setup. It’s flushed with the console and doesn’t stick out, so it makes it look like the console is just floating against the wall!”



Since Ronaldo began this setup with a minimalist mindset he is dying to add more color with LED lighting! He also believes it is time to upgrade his 43” LG to a 65” TV.