FEATURED HIDEit CUSTOMER: Matt, United Kingdom

FEATURED HIDEit CUSTOMER: Matt, United Kingdom
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Our gamer Matt aka @i_am_milkes (IG) @iammilkes (Twitter) created his gaming-only pages about a year ago. This Twitch streamer and collector needed a designated space for his custom PC. Over time Matt's setup has ranged from a coffee bar, to a work-station, and finally a gaming-only zone.



After discovering HIDEit Mounts through a fellow insta-gamer, Matt was inspired to HIDEit by the “clever use of space, and trying to replicate some of the more impressive gaming rooms, within a very confined space, whilst still being fully functional.” Matt also appreciates the customer service and level of communication HIDEit provides, along with the quality of each product he purchased.

Matt added LED lights to add flare!


Prior to compiling his setup, Matt researched HIDEit Mounts and which specific mounts he would need for each of his devices. He also factored in how he would manage cables, purchase other specs, and install LED lighting. After coming up with a plan and installing the mounts, his hand- made PC paired with our mounts became the perfect build!

Matt's Progress Phase 1 

Matt's Progress Phase 2 



      WHAT’S NEXT?

      Matt would like a bigger work space and to work on the spec of his PC, it needs a GPU, CPU upgrade. This would allow high FPS and resolution gaming, right now he is only able to run medium specs.