E3 2017 Gaming Hardware Round-Up

We just got back from E3 2017...what an experience! If you weren't one of the lucky 15,000 gaming fans or 50,000 industry attendees, we have some "hidden" gems that you don't want to miss! Everyone sees the big names at E3 but we want you to highlight the up-and-coming "little guys" like us that are the future of gaming hardware. Or in the case of our HIDEit Mounts, the future of gaming hardware storage solutions.


JoyTops went live just in time for E3! We've all seen thumb grips and joystick toppers for your PlayStation and Xbox controllers, but what makes these different (and way better) than the rest is their tops are made from materials with grip just like basketballs and footballs! You could really feel the difference in responsiveness. They look amazing, are made from high quality materials, and are reasonably priced. We can't wait to top all of our controllers, then display them in our mounts!

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VirZOOM merges VR and fitness in the most fun way possible! Gone are the days of watching a boring news channel while you use a stationary bike...all the while checking to see how much longer until you are done. Now you can actually play an immersive VR game while you ride which means you'll want to workout even more! VirZOOM offers their own bike as well as a new sensor that can work with any stationary bike. And their software works with all of the popular VR systems on the market including Mobile VR systems such as Gear VR, or even high end PlayStation VR & PC VRs. Words really can't do the experience justice, so you'll have to buy one and experience it for yourself!

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This is the probably the coolest gaming mouse you've ever seen. It's got a ton of different buttons on it that allow you all the functionality of a controller in the palm of your hand. They're all distinct enough from one another that you don't feel cramped in reaching the various different options. This mouse is an over-engineered masterpiece, with an Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Force Sensor, and completely map-able buttons for an unparalleled experience. This is a gaming mouse like you've never seen before. 

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We all oooh and ahhh at LED backlighting. There are options out there that you can change colors from blue to green and back again. But DreamScreen has taken LED backlighting to a new level! DreamScreen is a dynamic backlighting system that matches what's happening on your television. Their newest model functions with 4K resolution TVs and turns your home entertainment room into a home theater unlike any other! After 2 wildly successful rounds on Kickstarter, expect to see every epic gaming setup to have a DreamScreen!


8BitDo was another hidden treasure in the back of E3 and they found a solution to one of retro gaming's BIGGEST pains: Wired Controllers. 8Bitdo manufactures retro wireless bluetooth controllers that bring the look and feel of classic controllers to the 21st century. They're compatible with the Classic NES, Retro Pi and a variety of different systems. And if you have a Nintendo Switch you can play on one of these

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HIDEit Mounts???

We of course showed off all of our gaming wall mounts and had an amazing response from the gaming community with lots of excitement about our mounts and inquiries about mounts for new consoles! It has been a goal of ours for a long time to exhibit at E3 and it was an absolutely amazing experience for us!