Coming Soon: The Nintendo Switch 


Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is not like any other gaming console. For starters, Nintendo is shifting their color scheme. The switch will come in many different colors such as gray, blue, white, yellow, pink, orange, purple, army green, and multi-color. Instead of consisting of one device, the Switch consists of two devices. A portable tablet with a built-in kickstand, and a dock base that connects to your TV for better viewing. Gerald Lynch from discuses the design, specs, and controller of the Nintendo Switch more in-depth here.

The Switch controllers are innovative in that they are able to transform. The sides of the tablet break off and turn into a controller. Depending on your preference the controllers can also be left attached and be used in conjunction with the tablet portion of the console. 

Soon after the release of the Switch we plan to have a wall mount available. The Nintendo Switch's modular design is sure to be challenging, but we're confident our mount will not interfere with your ability to take out the tablet section with ease. 

The price point for the Switch will be $299.99, launching March 3, 2017!

Specs and Performance

The Switch is more than just looks, it's geared towards pure processing. The Switch will have a custom NVIDIA Tegra processor, 32 GB of storage space, and on board Wi-Fi. The tablet is one of the main features with a screen measuring 6.2 inches and a resolution of 720p. Don't let the 720p resolution worry you though, the screen's vibrant colors are sure to make your gaming experience amazing. The Nintendo Switch also supports local area play so that multiple consoles can link up to each other.

The Switch is an entirely different beast when compared to the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One S. The switch will not support HDR and has a smaller about of memory and storage compared to the other current gen. consoles. It will also not have a disc drive, instead supporting game cards similar to the Nintendo 3DS. If you're thinking about picking up the Switch to play Call of Duty or similar Triple A titles you're going to be disappointed. True to form Nintendo's newest console is offering a gaming experience that will be completely unique. 

A big question: backwards compatibility; according to Scott Stein from the Nintendo Switch will not be backwards compatible with any Wii, Wii U or 3DS games or downloadable content. It will not be able to play Wii U games because it does not have a disc drive. Even if it did have a disc drive, the Switch has an entirely new and different platform than the Wii U or 3DS, so older games will need to be ported over at the discretion of developers. 


Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and other streaming apps are still up in the air. They may decide to incorporate streaming apps in the future, but they won't be available at launch. 

Here's what we do know: Nintendo has decided to introduce their own online subscription service for the Switch. Nintendo plans on offering access to one NES or SNES game each month with subscription, but the games will be available only for that month unlike the free games offered by PS+ or Xbox Live Memberships. The online services offer voice chat, and discounts for the online store. Nintendo, will offer a one month ‘free’ subscription for those consumers to test drive. 


Nintendo is releasing several new games to go along with the Switch release

  • The Legend of Zelda
  • ARMS
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
  • Splatoon 2
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2