Celebrating #nationalHIDEitday 2021

Celebrating #nationalHIDEitday 2021

Happy National HIDEit Day!

That’s right, we’re celebrating our 12th(!) year in business in 2021, and this year is better than ever. We’ve got a lot to celebrate, including a NEW website, a NEW office and some awesome surprises for our HIDEit fans! Take a look!

HIDEit Day Contest

Let’s start with our HIDEit Day Contest. From April 26, 2021 until May 2, 2021, if you send us photos of your #nationalHIDEitday setup, you’ll be entered to win one of twelve $25 HIDEit Mounts E-Gift Cards towards your next purchase. 

That’s not all; if you send us a photo AND a video telling us your #myHIDEitstory, you’ll be entered to win a $50 HIDEit Mounts E-Gift Card instead! Get those cameras ready to win some FREE money!

Check out full details here.

New Office

Over the past five years, HIDEit has grown beyond our wildest dreams, all because of you! So much so, we outgrew our previous office and had to move into a new one.

HIDEit Mounts old office spaceHIDEit Mount's old HQ had our iconic green walls.
HIDEit Mounts new office spaceHIDEit's new HQ has space for more fun and games.

What’s more impressive is our new and larger warehouse! We went from 1,900 sq. ft to 7,200 sq. ft of space! We were cramped in our old warehouse, and now we have the space for a better workflow and more orders. Keep them coming! 

HIDEit Mounts old warehouseWe quickly outgrew our old warehouse.
HIDEit Mounts new warehouseOur new warehouse is HUGE!

New Website

We had our previous website for over three years; it was time for a refresh! It’s leaner, meaner and it comes in black. That’s right; dark mode is here for a better viewing experience.

HIDEit Mounts front page of old websiteThe front page of our old website.
HIDEit Mounts front page of website after redesignOur new website. Easier, faster and better.

We’ve worked to make the buying experience better for you with products easier to find, features at the top, and new clickable menus. It’s okay to ooh and awe.

Over the years we’ve been sent thousands of photos for our #afterHIDEit contest. We love when you share them and we love showing the world. Take a look around the website, we decided to use many of those images in different locations, you might find your photo!

While redesigning the website, we also made sure to put some of our company values to remind ourselves and share what makes HIDEit tick (spoilers, YOU).

Be on the lookout for some discounts coming your way, as well, including some you'll have to look closely for. Also, when you make a purchase this week, you'll get a HIDEit Logo Decal Sticker to show your love of HIDEit!

It’s been a great 12 years, and we’re looking forward to the next 12!