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November 30, 2018


We love to brag about our customers and their impressive setups - we are like that mom at the grocery store who shows the checkout clerk pictures of their kids. We having been dying to brag about Carlos and his seriously rad setup that he crafted in his new home. As a dedicated father and gamer, he was looking for a way to keep his games, controllers, and consoles out of his “toddler’s Cheeto dusted hands.” HIDEit Mounts was his solution.


Carlos and his fiancée closed on their house in June and she promised him that he could buy a TV after closing, so his first order of business was to purchase a 70” Vizio 4K TV. Now that he had a new, enormous TV, it was time to take care of his babies, well his game consoles, that is. He studied the HIDEit website, formulating and masterminding his setup. His goal was to have his setup be aesthetically pleasing yet functional.


Carlos' biggest challenge was mounting his 70" Vizio TV because the wall he chose is an exterior wall - it didn't have studs! He eventually located the furring strips and used tap-cons to get his TV safely mounted.
Carlos had sketched a plan for his setup and purchased mounts for his devices. He started with mounting his PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. After adding a new Sonos Playbar, he decided to mount his Headset and Controllers. Hidden behind the TV, he has an Apple TV 4K.


- Power Relocation Solution: Arlington Power Kit
- Game Consoles: 
Xbox One X /// Mounted in: HIDEit 1X Mount
- Controller: Scuf Gaming /// Mounted in: HIDEit Uni-C
- Headsets: ? /// Mounted in: HIDEit Uni-H
- Streaming Device: Apple TV 4K /// Mounted in: HIDEit ATV4K
- Speaker: Sonos Playbar


What’s next for Carlos and his setup? Adding more lighting, more late night gaming, raising mini-gamers, and mounting his new editions.
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