HIDEit's Budget-Friendly Fall Living Room Makeover

Autumn is in full swing, so we thought we'd share our Fall Living Room Makeover. We wanted to transition from Beach to Fall without having to replace any large items. Many of us like to swap out decor with the season, so having a good foundation of neutral pieces is key.

We had already mounted all of our TV Components, Cable box, Game System, and Digital Media Player...because that is what we do! Having all of our tech out of the way, it was easy to decorate the room exactly how we wanted!

Here's how we economically transformed this space: 

1. Canvas Photos

We went over to Canvadiscount.com and printed out some amazing photos that a friend had taken for us. This was a really great way to change out the summer imagery without spending a fortune. Good canvases can retail for over $200. We were able to get away with spending around $70 for a couple of fantastic pieces. 

2. Candles

We traded out our beachy candles and opted for some warmer colors. We purchased an Asian Spice Candle with a lovely Sienna Orange tone, complemented by a couple of Persimmon Orange Candles. Adding a few inexpensive decorative pumpkins and branches completed the update to our centerpiece.

3. Seasonal Greenery

We used our existing floral arrangement and simply swapped out the flowers using the same stems for the original. You can usually find small arrangements at the Dollar Store.

We added several pumpkins of various sizes throughout the room that add lighter orange tones. We also included some harvest potpourri, spread throughout the room for additional pops of color and lovely Fall fragrance.

4. Throw Pillows

We swapped out our pillows to match our newly added seasonal tones, one of the simplest additions to a room that dramatically changes the space. 

5. Storing the Rest!

The toughest part of changing a room for a new season is storing the decor that just doesn't fit anymore. Decorating is as much about what isn't there as what is. By taking down the summer beach-themed items, the room turned from Beach House to cozy Fall Living Room in no time at all! 

Beach Decor Packed up!