Treat Your Tech RIGHT!

We know the pains of “misplacing” a gaming controller all too well:

  1. Physical Pain: How many times have you stepped on your remote and thought: "This is just as painful as stepping on a Lego or Barbie shoe -- but much more expensive!" :/
  2. Mental Distress: Ever torn apart the couch cushions, blamed the dog, lifted up every piece of furniture only to find your gaming controller right where you left it? No? Just us...?
  3. Absolute Desperation: After a long day's work, you come home to unwind with the new FIFA 16, but are devastated to find your controller is dead: 0%, No Juice, Done. Womp womp.

Good news though! You never have to suffer like this again! The new HIDEit Uni-C is a permanent home for your PlayStation, Xbox, Nvidia controllers + more! Wall mount these easy-to-install (everything is included!!) steel cradles under, behind, or on the side of your TV for easy charging access near its already-wall-mounted gaming console. Genius!

These 16-gauge steel controller mounts are just the newest addition to HIDEit’s complete line of minimally-invasive wall mounts for every gaming console/electronic/media device imaginable that helps create a “floating” media center.  

There are still a few days left in January to change your 2016 resolution to taking better care of your tech – so start here! Protect and store all your gaming controllers in a uniform & sleek media center that’s always ready to game!