Tips for a Tidy Entertainment Room on Thanksgiving Game Day!

November 16, 2015 2 min read

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year with a side of the big NFL game?  With a house full of friends, family, football and food, we’ve got tips on how to update your entertainment space for a more inviting, kid-friendly room with better flow.

  • Give that flatscreen a facelift! You’ve waited all this time to wall mount your TV, and now you want to make sure to do it right. Consider HIDEit Mounts’ easy-to-install (in 20 mins. or less) wall mounts for electronics -- they hide all your gaming, cable and streaming devices (and cords) BEHIND your flat screen TV.Your new, safe TV area can now also be modern, sleek and stylish!

Expert tip: Think you’ll be adding to your home tech collection for the holidays? Invest in an TV wall bracket with a full-motion, extension arm so you can add to your electronics collection and mount them all behind the TV with ease!

  • Provide flat spaces.If game day is the focal point of your Thanksgiving get together, everyone will need a place to put down their drinks, appetizers and even dinner plates. Invest in a few inexpensive TV tray tables and position around the room. With decorative individual placemats, you can conceal the tray tables as festive furniture.

Sold on the idea of throwing a Turkey Bowl? Here are some of our favorite décor and menu ideas from Better Homes & Gardens for a fantastic football holiday!  And don’t worry, if you’re more set on a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, HGTV has some timeless decorating tips that will definitely set the tone! Whatever you decide, remember to eat, drink & be merry!