HIDEit Guide to a Video Gamer’s Dream Display Wall

Purchased a HIDEit Mount (or getting ready to) and looking for some inspiration to amp up your new gaming room setup?

We’ve got you covered!  From lighting to cord designs, decals and décor, here are a few suggestions to get you started & on your way to the ultimate gamer wall!


Many HIDEit Mounts’ customers believe displaying game consoles rather than tucking them away behind the TV is the way to go! So why not do the same with your cords?! Rather than finding a way to bundle and conceal cords, create a unique design with the wires, like this set-up we discovered on LifeHacker.com! As the editor notes, “This is a bit of work, but it makes for a really unique wall decoration.”


Video game decals add color and really liven up a dark, entertainment area. We couldn’t resist these Nintendo decals that are so life-like, it’s like watching the game on pause. 

We’re also a big fan of Skinit Gaming Skins which allow you to decorate the actual consoles and accessories – not just the wall around them. 

Check out our very own Gaming setup for inspiration!


What a difference lighting can make! A customer sent us his HIDEit Mount setup and we’re loving the ambiance he’s added using LED back lights!


With your gaming consoles mounted and display wall decorated, there’s no need for additional wall décor but if you enjoy geeky toys and wearables, check out subscription boxes like Loot Crate and 1Up Box! We have used these subs to add more Geeky Gamer Goodness to our Gaming area (and our wardrobe).

We hope these tips help you map out your own gaming wall display, and if you haven’t purchased your mounts yet, check out our gaming mounts here.  For more inspiration, read our latest review on GamesFiends.com and see Gameranx’s newest video of the "10 Best Gaming Accessories Under $50". Check it out - we made it on their list!

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