3 Ways Have a Stress Free Holiday Season

The joy of the holidays can often be offset by the stress of the season. This winter let the most wonderful time of the year be just that - joyful and stress free! At HIDEit Mounts we believe in streamlining and de-stressing your holiday. Here are 3 ways to help:

1. Prep for the Mess

Gifts and cookie decorating and dinner parties - oh my! The best way to keep your holiday stress free is to prep for the inevitable mess. If you’re planning on making a big batch of cookies this season, consider the OXO Cookie Press from Williams Sonoma. This easy to use press makes cooking baking a breeze by simply filling the barrel with dough and pumping it onto the baking sheet, and makes clean up even more efficient!


Are your kids getting the new Xbox One S for Christmas? Where will this go? Don’t let a new gaming console soak up space in your living or media room. Leverage the HIDEit Mounts X1S Mount and keep everyone happy...especially mom!

2. Consider Donations


For each new gift received, consider donating an old gift to charity. Not only will this inspire a charitable spirit, but it will also make room in your home for all of the new items everyone is receiving!

Your local children’s hospital is a great place to donate gifts, or consider organizations like Goodwill or Toys for Tots. There is nothing better than helping make a difference in the lives of those in need during the holiday season.

3. Organize Your Space

Organizing your home is a great way to make your holiday season stress-free. With new decorations, parties, and gifts all about to invade your space, it’s best to make sure there are no obstacles that could get in the way. One way to stay organized is to get those pesky cords and cables off the floor and out of sight with a HIDEit Mount behind your TV. Make room for your Christmas tree or menorah with this simple effective solution!

As you prepare for dinner parties and guests, consider purchasing this Entryway Organizer Shelf. The combination of baskets, shelves, and hooks will keep your potential mess nice and tidy, and create a nice space for guests to hang their coats.