2016's Top Selling Electronics On Everyone's List

We have a countdown for you of the some of the top selling electronics that were on everyone's list this Holiday Season. 

5. Xbox One S

Xbox has been struggling to keep up with Sony, but has recently seen a nice up-tick, in fact Xbox Live has seen a 40% increase over last year with a big thanks to The Xbox One S.

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4. Roku Premiere

Roku is staying on top despite tough competition from Apple TV, Fire TV, and Google's Chromecast. Roku is intent on keeping it's place as the dominate player in streaming media players, with the new Roku Premiere offering a great value; $69 for a sleek 4K streaming experience. 

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 3. PS4 Pro 

The PS4 Pro accounted for a whopping 70% of the recent PS4 purchases. Console Gamers are eager for their first taste of a 4K gaming experience and the Pro is the first, and pretty reasonably priced option. 

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2. Amazon Echo

The hands free smart assistant that you control with your voice, did amazing this holiday season, so well that it is on back order until late January

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1. NES Mini

Who doesn't love playing all the old classics? We've been trying to get our hands on one of these since release day, so it's no surprise the NES Classic sold more units in one month than the Nintendo Wii sold in six months.