New HIDEit Mount for Small Components

Small components are all the rage, didn't you know? The devices seem to be getting smaller but only a few are small enough to conceal and attach with velcro or zip we made a new size Universal Adjustable Component Mount to make your life easier! 

The Uni-SW is the same design as the Uni-S, but it expands further to accommodate devices that are 1.7" up to 2.7" deep. Which devices fit into this wall mount? Quite a few small cable boxes fit perfectly in the Uni-SW. If you have an old Mac mini, it will fit! The original Nintendo Wii fits beautifully and with the Wii in mind, we made sure to offer the Uni-SW in white. One of the most exciting products that fits in the Uni-SW is the Toshiba 5500 and 6400 DVD Blu-ray Player...yes, a DVD player that was designed for vertical orientation! Use a Black Uni-SW to mount it and you're in business!

Want more details? Check out the Uni-SW page!

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