National Military Appreciation Month: How You Can Help!

On May 30th this year, we celebrate our troops and veterans through Memorial Day, but in fact, the entire month of May is National Military Appreciation Month -- a month-long opportunity to salute our nation's military branches and honor those who have served over the many years. 

This year, HIDEit is giving you one more way to show your support—through gaming!

HIDEit recently connected with a phenomenal charity called

Stack-Up supports US, NATO and ANZAC military and veterans by supplying crates filled with video games and gaming accessories to combat zones and military hospitals, as well as sending deserving vets to major gaming events.

Stack-Up explained to us just how important gaming can be to our soldiers:

  • Gaming provides soldiers a friendly competitive social environment after work hours—instead of soldiers disappearing back to their bunk after a shift and not interacting with others
  • Researchers shows that trauma sufferers have a significantly reduced number of flashbacks while focusing on a “highly engaging visual-spatial task” such as video games
  • Gaming raises morale to fight the effects of depression, combat injuries and post-traumatic stress

HIDEit has supplied a handful of our gaming mounts which will be sent in Stack-Up supply crates to help active-duty soldiers keep consoles and controllers away from spills and other damages and neatly tucked away. But we know there’s more that we all can do in the gaming community!

So now, we’re enlisting you! HIDEit will donate 5% of total sales from HIDEit4 PS4 Mounts purchased May 1st - May 31 to  Please join our efforts and get your HIDEit4 today! You can also make a monetary donation directly to

Have a safe & happy Memorial day weekend & thank you to our fearless troops!