Made in America Matters

Made in America Matters

We're an American company. Made in USA means a lot to us. 

We're proud to support our American vendors and manufacturers, and to help keep jobs in our local community. Providing our customers with a quality product at an affordable price is of greatest importance. After all, your devices and gear aren't cheap and the mount that supports it shouldn't be either! 

These days it's hard to find American companies to buy from, especially when shopping with Retailers or Amazon (75% of new Amazon Sellers are based in China). But the effort is worth it - IT MATTERS! When you buy a HIDEit, your purchase is helping to support hundreds of American jobs because we mainly work with local, US vendors.

Something else you'll find with quality American companies... Values. Our values were built over the last decade plus and fine-tuned based on what matters most to our team.

Customer First, Always. 
We're active on social media and probably introduced you to the concept of device mounting. We're here for you, in the US. We have an actual phone number so you can talk to us. We respond to all customer service messages, usually within 3 hours. Everything we do is to make things easier for you. Because YOU Matter.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!
We have built a small but mighty team. During the height of Covid shutdowns, we worked nearly round the clock to ship fast to you (faster than Amazon) AND we launched the PS5 and Series X, on time. We did all of this while working split shifts and remote. It was hard but our team didn't miss a beat. We work hard but we also have tons of fun. Because Our Team Matters.

We Give a F*CK.
Our mounts were 100% Made in USA until 2019 when we were forced to off-shore our Controller Mount manufacturing to compete with the cheap knockoffs. We make most mounts in the US or offer a Made in USA version. We switched from plastic to steel over a decade ago. We perform extensive R&D and QC testing on every mount. Because Quality Matters.

We Lead, They Follow.
There's a reason every mount on the market looks similar to a HIDEit - they ripoff and duplicate what we do from our product assortment and designs to our marketing. We created the first game console mount, first adjustable device mount, first device mount to attach to a TV or monitor, and the first game controller mount. Because Innovation Matters.

We are beyond grateful for your support. Please continue buying from American companies and encourage others to do the same. Because Buying American Matters.

Why Buying American Matters:

  1. Provides Jobs for Future Generations

  2. Promotes American Independence

  3. Better for the Environment

  4. Our Government Cannot Control Foreign Labor Standards

  5. Boosts American Investment Opportunities

  6. Guaranteed Quality of Goods

  7. Guaranteed Safer and Fair Working Conditions

  8. Helps to Reduce the Deficit

  9. Avoid Foreign Political Debates

  10. Outsourced Manufacturing Plants Rarely Return to the US