They say “give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world,” but at HIDEit we say “give a gamer the right wall mounts and they can conquer the ultimate setup.” Which is why nothing beats a pair of HIDEit game controller mounts! Read how we conquered creating a universal mount that makes organizing the messiest of play rooms easier than finding the right pair of shoes!


It just made sense. Wall mounting a game console saves space and creates a clean setup, so naturally creating a wall mount solution for game controllers was our next big adventure. However, this would be no easy feat. If we chose to create a custom mount for each type of game controller, the design process would have been easy (and we would have got more sleep). But, that’s not our nature. We opted to create one universal solution that would fit most controller types and give gamers the convenience and flexibility to design their ultimate setups. That’s when our HIDEit Uni-C Mount was born.



A lot of research and development (along with a little blood, sweat and tears!) went into creating a truly universal game controller wall mount. When we started the process, nobody on the market had a solution - only a plastic clip mount that was still in crowd funding infancy. As the leading wall mount innovators, our team once again grinded out multiple prototypes with maximum time and effort devoted to coming up with a perfect solution.

The HIDEit Uni-C Mount started as a more rectangular shape with hooks on a backplate and morphed into a more curved shape once we took into account all the different controller types. 

“We had a family member who is a product manager at Apple come over and check out our latest design. She agreed that we needed to eliminate the tabs. So I went over, took it off the wall, and sawed them off. It immediately looked better! We ended up going with a more sleek overall design instead.” ~ Chuck Shirley, Co-Founder and COO.

The final design of our Universal Controller Mount was GTG and overcame the challenge of creating a hook wide enough to support a Playstation controller plus account for the curvature of other controllers. Of course, our mount carved the path for competitors to try to emulate our design, but many miss the mark with their much narrower design which can result in controllers slipping off the mounts.


But then, true to HIDEit standards, we took our Uni-C design a step further.

Being gamers ourselves, we understand that not everyone is careful with their controllers. Scuffed paint or even damage to a controller can happen if it's not handled properly. Solution? We opted to rubber dip the controller mount and create a HIDEit Uni-C Pro Mount. The rubber dipped option provides customers an upgraded solution and adds extra protection to ensure zero damage.



Our Uni-C Mount is truly universal and the ideal solution to wall mount almost all game controllers, to display them, or store them near a game console for easy charging. The Uni-C conveniently works with most modern Video Game Controllers from Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox and more!

• Designed to HIDEit or DISPLAYit!
• Hooks allow for convenient access to Controllers.
• Rubber dip option for extra protection and anti-slip security.
• Made from 16-gauge, cold-rolled steel for durability.
• Quick and easy to install. No measuring, no templates.
• Includes drywall screws and anchors. Stud mounting is not necessary.

HIDEit's Limited Edition Pink Uni-C Controller Mount was created in 2018 to support National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Annually, all proceeds from the sale of each pink Uni-C Mount goes to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Read more about this year's campaign.