Top 10 Most Memorable Games of 2015

Whether you spent 2015 on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or a PC, you can’t deny that 2015 was a pretty great year in gaming. This year saw the “next gen” consoles really hit their stride, leaving both PC and console gamers with some really great titles.  Here are the ten titles that really stood out as memorable for us in 2015.

10. Mad Max

Hastily thrown together video games made after movies have been around as long as there have been video games. Mad Max was the biggest surprise of the year for us, it’s not just sloppily thrown together. It’s a real  game, a  really fun game.  View a full review here.

Mad Max Video Game | HIDEit Mounts

9. Undertale

This  comedy RPG was funded by a Kickstarter campaign and created on a simple game maker program. This game is proof that you don’t need crazy graphics and lots of money to make an amazing video game. For 10 dollars this game is worth every penny and one of the better games to come out of 2015. View a full review here.

Undertale Video Game | HIDEit Mounts

8. Kerbal Space Program

A flight simulation game that takes real world physics and orbital mechanics and makes a fun, educational, and accessible game. A game that is worthy of a mention from NASA. You can view a full review of the game here.

Kerbal Video Game | HIDEit Mounts

7. Rocket League

Racing meets… soccer? Well, it makes more sense when you play it. This Indie game couldn’t help but make the list as players rocket boost  their cars to hit a giant soccer ball into a goal. You can’t help but love it when a game does something new and it works. The biggest downside was that it was only made available on PS4 and the PC. But don’t worry, there are plans to bring it to Xbox One in February. Look at a full review here.

Rocket League Video Game | HIDEit Mounts

6. Splatoon

A family friendly 3rd person shooter that’s actually fun. A game based around painting the map and less so about eliminating enemies. Continued game support and additional content provided free of charge. A short accessible campaign and various different modes of gameplay. Yes, please. You can also get a full review here.

Splatoon Video Game | HIDEit Mounts

5. BloodBorne

BloodBorne, the predecessor to the infamously difficult Dark Souls game was a hallmark of 2015. This may not be the game you play to sit down and relax, but the satisfaction of beating a particularly difficult enemy gives you that unmistakable euphoria that can only be achieved through beating a real challenge.  Look at a full review here.

Bloodborne Video Game | HIDEit Mounts

4. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Unlike many of the other games on this list, this game isn’t especially friendly to newcomers to the series. The story telling in this game is unlike any of the other MGS games. MGSV also features  an ending that you won’t be able to stop thinking about. The game respects the intelligence of its players and that means a subtle storytelling style with entirely new gameplay features included into the series. This is Hideo Kojima’s (Creator of MGS) last installment and he really did the series justice. View a full review of MGSV  here.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Video Game | HIDEit Mounts

3. Mario Maker

This is probably the most noteworthy installation to the Mario franchise that we’ve seen in quite some time. It’s easy to loose hours designing new levels and hours more trying to beat the level you’ve just created.  A full review here.

Mario Maker Video Game | HIDEit Mounts

2. Fallout 4

The next chapter in the much anticipated Fallout series had a lot of expectations. It did not disappoint with headlines like Man Sues Bethesda Because 'Fallout 4' Is Too Addictive”, Fallout 4 is a game you should only pick up if you can handle playing  it in moderation. Whether you are brand new to the Fallout series or a veteran player. Fallout 4 can keep you entertained for hours. Look at a full review here. 

Fallout 4 Video Game | HIDEit Mounts

1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

In a world of pre-order bonuses, exclusive offers, incomplete games, micro purchases, and paid downloadable content, the Witcher 3 made the move to do away with all that and truly serve their customers and fan base. The Witcher 3 also made the decision to produce additional downloadable content (DLC) free of charge for all purchasers of the game. Combine all of this with the fact that you can play hundreds of hours in a unique, beautiful open world experience with an immersive storyline that allows you to make real impactful decisions and you have one amazing game. Look at a full review here.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Video Game | HIDEit Mounts

Did your favorite make our Top 10?