HIDEit ATV3 | 3rd Gen Apple TV Wall Mount

Apple TV Wall Mount Bracket for Apple TV 3rd Generation Media Streamer

  • Our redesigned Apple TV Mount is a perfect fit for your 2nd or 3rd Gen Apple TV. The Apple TV Remote doesn't require line of sight and the signal will bounce off of surrounding walls. Our Apple TV Wall Mount makes it easy to get the best signal by allowing you to install with the Apple TV IR Receiver facing ANY direction! And, it's made of steel so unlike the competitors, your Apple TV won't slip out. Easily store your Apple TV near your TV, discreetly hidden.

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    Is this the right Apple TV mount for my Apple TV? This mount was designed for both the Apple TV 3rd Generation and Apple TV 2nd Generation. Other Apple TV models, such as the 4th Generation and 5th Generation, will require a different HIDEit Mount.
    Is there any single interference with the Apple TV mounted behind the TV? Nope! The Apple TV and Apple TV remote use bluetooth, which doesn’t require line of sight, so you can HIDE away! Plus, our mount doesn’t cover any IR sensors!