HIDEit Uni-SW VESA | Adjustable Small+Wide Computer Mount


Adjustable Wall Mount or VESA Mount for Small+Wide Mini Computer

  • Organize your office setup with the HIDEit Uni-SW VESA Mount! Our Small + Wide VESA Mount has 75mm and 100mm VESA holes, so its simple to mount a mini PC to the back of your monitor. If mounting to larger devices, the M6 VESA hole makes it easy! Our Uni-SW VESA can easily adjust to fit a wide range of components, including mini desktops, CPUs, and routers. Mount your small devices to the back of your computer display today!

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    Which devices will work with this mount? As this is a universal mount, many devices are compatible! This VESA mount is most often used as a modem mount or Wi-Fi router mount!
    What VESA patterns is this mount compatible with? This mount is compatible with 75mm & 100mm VESA holes.
    If my monitor is already mounted, can I use this? Unfortunately, no. This mount utilizes the same VESA holes that are used for the monitor mount or monitor stand.