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Kristen | Operations

Warehouse Operations

  • •  Joined the HIDEit Fam: 12/2020
    •  Skills: Production, Assembly, Shipping
    •  Strengths: 
    •  Dream Super Power: Healer
  • What is your fave food + drink?
    Spicy chicken wings and Gatorade/water
    Who is your fave character or person? Real or fictional.
    Arwyn from Lord of the Rings and Claire from the Outlander books.
    If you had the ability, what would be your dream profession?
    A big time book publisher!
    Are you a morning person or a night owl?
    Morning person
    What's your biggest pet peeve?
    Negativity and chewing with mouths open
    What's your favorite thing to do?
    I love HIDEit because it has solutions to pretty much anything I need to mount and store. Plus, it makes my life easier!