HIDEit Uni-S VESA | Adjustable Small Computer Mount


Adjustable Wall Mount or VESA Mount for Mini PC

  • HIDEit just made it easy to mount your Mini PC to the back of your monitor. Utilizing the 100mm and 75mm VESA holes in our mount you can easily attach your CPU to the back of your display. The adjustable design makes it easy to remove the device and take it to another workstation. Our simple open design makes it easy to access important buttons, ports, and cords. Mounting on the back of a larger device? The M6 VESA hole in the center of the mount makes it easy to hang the equipment to the back of compatible TVs too!

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    Product Name: HIDEit Uni-S VESA
    UPC: 858691006340
    Includes: #8 x 1.25” Flat Countersink Screws and Drywall Anchors
    Dimension Range: H 5" x L 5"(overhang is fine) x D 1.0-1.85"